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    WTB - Old Champagne Sparkle Wrap Scraps

    I'm really in need of some champagne sparkle wrap to finish off of some Gretsch hoops. The set is from the 60s but it's not terribly faded. The inlay will be placed at the bottom of each hoop so the color match isn't really of terrible importance. Let me know what you have! Thanks Aaron
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    Gretsch Seams Lifting . . .

    Just looking to confirm the efficacy of acetone to reactivate old glue...:toothy8:
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    Gretsch Seams Lifting . . .

    Resurrecting this thread! Has anyone else tried this? reactivate the old glue with acetone and then clamp it down. How were the results? Any other tips?
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Pics of my Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature maple snare drum.
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    Gretsch shootout by DCP

    @ the 40 second mark... I'm pretty sure he just called these Gretschkies a DOWNBEAT o_O
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    SOLD 20" Zildjian K Jazz Ride (IAK) 2197gr

    :) I guess I did...
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    SOLD 22" K. Zildjian Constantinople Medium Thin Low

    Not interested in trades right now. Already had some bites but I'll try and get a soundfile
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    SOLD 20" Zildjian K Jazz Ride (IAK) 2197gr

    SOLD 2197 grams - Workhorse $200 p/s Video shot on my iPhone:
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Just received a perfectly packed K Con MTL from Kluger in record time. Shipped out in the morning on 2/20 - Received it close of business 2/21 :happy11:
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    Zildjian K Con MTL 22" Sold!

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    70's B/O Acrolite 5X14 Snare

    PM sent
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    Player's Acro or Ming Pure

    Looking for a decent all around 5.5 or 6x14
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    3 ply Gretsch rounbadge WMP link to sale page. Really looking for a cheap bop set or other Plus $500. Would also consider a nice ride - 22" k con, kerope, agop... Willing to take offers. let me know what...
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    Gretsch Roundbadge Set WMP 3Ply - Possible Trade plus cash?

    Thanks Aaron. And for an outright sale...I was valuing a used bop kit (like I listed ) in the $300 dollar range. So $800 ish. Maybe this ad should've been in the swap shop? Would to hear any offers. May consider pies also? Pm me. Bump