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    A Drummers favorite Guitar Solo

    Pat Martino showing the power of repetition - it doesn't only work for drums. :) 2:42
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    Anyone inclined to make a theoritical explique?

    Yes? No? Maybe? Sorry, what's the question exactly? :) It's a great album, but you probably knew that already. :D
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    Sell Slingerland to buy Renown ?

    I'd make a list of the pros and cons of each set and also what you want (e.g. one set with an 18" bass drum / one set for gigs that you don't care about as much).
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    Mid-life crisis? Starting guitar in my late 50s

    Do it! You enjoy it and already own that thing - not learning guitar would be a lot "dumber". :)
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    Beautiful guitar chords?

    Sorry, it was a stupid joke. This chord is illegal. :D
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    OT Fun game: ruin a band name by changing only 1 letter.

    Anti-Slag Fool Kill Haley & his Comets Emerson Rake and Palmer The Rolling Stoner David Bowtie Screw it, I give up. :D
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    Do colored heads affect sound?

    What if you're a synesthete? Do you match the heads to the associated color? What if that particular color of a tom is not available or you want to tune the whole set up or down? (I know a few people who associate colors, so I'm only 90% joking. :) )
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    The Travis Barker Reverb Sale

    Drumset - lightly used. One careful lady owner who played the set at biweekly Bingo nights. Yeah, right.
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    Jazz Super-Group

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    OT: Favorite Jazz Album Cover

    Some more:
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    Has anyone have tips to converting a floor tom to a bass drum?

    Cheaper DIY solutions: More expensive: Danmar Tom Kick Riser Regarding head: If you convert it to regular bass drum hoops, you could try an Evans EMAD for maximum flexibility. Otherwise, it depends on your prefered sound if you want to use a plain...
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    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    Not everybody likes them, that's for sure. Here's a review of Kenny Wheeler's album "Double, Double You" The drummer is Jack DeJohnette, by the way. :D,_Double_You
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    Two Snare drums

    It's made (or distributed) by Gibraltar now, isn't it? Just in case you can't find it by just looking dor Dunnett. :)