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    What Are You Listening To?

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    R&B & Hip Hop Drummers

    Meshell Ndegeocello always had fantastic drummers! She also played with Jojo Mayer: Of course there is Questlove: This list might be interesting:
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    Used market drying up?

    You paid WHAT!? At first glance, I first read it as "$860 Gretsch Round Badge kit with snare snag" and thought "great deal"...
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    he's back! funny listing for hi-hats on seattle CL.

    Give the guy his own show already! :D Given that he doesn't want to "exert any engery to sell them" he writes quite a lot of text! Also by him:
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    Asking 'who's the best drummer' is the wrong question

    This reminds me of this old article which is more tongue-in-cheek and entertaining to me: Some valid points in my opinion when talking about Funk but defining rules for all music? No, thanks. :)
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    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Daru Jones has gone to 12" all around and the cymbals even look like vinyl records. Cannot be out-hipped. ;)
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    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    Before you sell all your 22" rides*: I think that the positioning is not that different. It's just a difference of 1" really (radius) and you might be able to get the same comfortability by changing the height and angle of the cymbal. I've moved away from setting up the cymbals rather flat and...
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    Now THIS is a jazz kit

    That was a great concert. I watched it on DVD a couple of times. Here's the whole thing:
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    I was about to mention Bopworks as well. They have some 5A/B type sticks with long and thin tapers.
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    Considering my first 'professional' kit but wanted to ask a few opinions first...
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    Thanks a lot for this! The last time I looked, there were only a few episodes on youtube. And I just realized that you can even download the MP3s by right clicking!
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    Beverley slotted tension rods exchangeable with standard size rods?

    Thank you - I did mean the British company, yes. I think they were separate from Premier but used the same shells for a while. Anyway, those are good news if you can use the standard 7/32" sized rods. :)
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    Beverley slotted tension rods exchangeable with standard size rods?

    Well, the title says it all. :) Are the diameter / threads different from regular ones? Being able to use regular drum keys would make them more interesting to me.
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    Cymbal sell off?

    How about one of these cymbals: I've heard a bunch of them in isolation and one next to a beautiful sounding old K. Not 100% identical but very close and even Ks aren't identical to other Ks and I couldn't tell which one was "better".