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    15" Hats for Jazz

    I use 15" New Beat hats in an 18-piece big band. The "chick" is very definite and the band always knows where the beat is, even on slow tunes when I'm using brushes. The New Beats have a heavy bottom cymbal and a lighter one on top so it's not necessary to tighten spring tension on the stand...
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    20" Bass Drum Hard Case

    Wanted - 20" bass drum hard case in fair to good condition. Must be flat on BOTH top and bottom.
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    OT: Brubeck's Eugene Wright Solo Number

    Nice guy too, very friendly. I got to go backstage during intermission and chat with him and the others who were equally friendly. Seeing this band in person was always a special treat.
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    What's the difference between a marimba and vibraphone

    You would definitely want a vibraphone for playing jazz/swing. Vibes have the ability to sustain sounds much like a piano does where marimbas cannot. The vibes a former bandmate used had an electric motor that rotated discs inside the tubes giving it a Leslie speaker effect. To sustain sounds...
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    OT-Never been so insulted

    I'm 77 and still playing regularly. You're not old, you're just chronologically enhanced.
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    Best vintage set for the buck!?

    Rogers Big R kits. Solid, indestructible, Memriloc hardware sets up the same way every time, and they sound great.
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    If You Could Play Drums for One Night with One Group, Who Would It Be?

    Count Basie band, even if they just let me sit in for one number.
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    Picked up a couple old toys today

    I've had a stick tray clamped to my hi-hat stand on every Rogers set I've owned since the early 70s. In order to protect the fiberboard tray and keep it looking decent I store it in a cardboard box in one of the compartments in my trap case. Rogers second version of the stick tray was metal and...
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    Two gigs in one week after a 14 months of none.

    Our big band has two gigs in the same week booked for July 3rd and 4th. Seems good after zero gigs last year.
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    “ Drums that you brought back to life “ thread

    Rogers Big R before and after...
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    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    It was the standard contract provided by the union for its members. The union preached that contracts protected both the players and the customers. The only two gigs where I didn't get paid were ones where we had signed contracts. One was for a bowling banquet where the treasurer absconded with...
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    Your Ideal gig drum set configuration

    20,12,16 with Dynasonic snare, 2 20" rides, 16" crash. 15" hats, cha-cha and mambo cowbells.
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    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    We played a wedding reception in a Knights of Columbus hall located next to a police station in a respectable neighborhood. A fight involving several women broke out during the first set. Screaming, hair pulling, kicking, dirty fighting like you wouldn't believe. Second set same thing. Third set...
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    Harold Jones - Amazing Drummer

    My favorite Basie drummer. The last time I saw the Basie band a young, unknown guy was on drums. I struck up a conversation with one of the trombone players during the halftime intermission and asked if he knew what Harold Jones was doing these days. He said he was currently backing Sarah...