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    I love these brushes. I do agree that the shipping is rather high, and yes, sometimes (three times total) the left brush slipped back inside a bit, but I love to play with these brushes. Previously, for decades, I used the Regal Tip retractable brushes, then tried lots of other brands and...
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    ASBA Caroline is back.....

    I have an original and love it. If the new version is true to the original, I'm buying one.
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    What’s Your Location and Where Do You Shop?

    I'm in NYC. I don't have a favorite place, but I really like "Drum Factory Direct", and even Amazon, sometimes, for sticks and heads.
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    In good company…wow

    Yeah, Drummer's Row.
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    What Tribute Band Would You Be In?

    Oh, I'd be in a bunch if I could, just for the fun of it, and since I always practice, yes, I'd practice my ass off for any of them: Public Image Limited Led Zeppelin Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Band Buddy Rich Big Band Ellington Miles 60's Quintet Coltrane Quartet Single Album: Tony Williams --...
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    Jazz Drummers

    Billy Higgins Elvin Jones Al Harewood Ed Blackwell Max Roach Buddy Rich Barry Altschul ... and I'm leaving a hundred more, I love everyone.
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    New Inde Studio Mod Series

    What a great step. Wishing Josh the best!
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    Alternative Universe Thread! Not so great deals here at DFO.

    A few years ago, I bought a Slingerland (Buddy style) hi hat stand on here, fella made me send a postal money order..... the thing didn't work well, very sluggish, unplayable. I was very busy so I put it aside. Later, upon closer inspection, I realized that it was broken. On the plus side, I've...
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    Buddy in Pre-Revolutionary France Outfit & Wig

    And there's even more to that: Basie gave Buddy a blank check for those performances, and Buddy wouldn't take it. Later, Basie got Buddy a nice watch as a gift. Wow, Buddy has such a killin' beat with the TD and CB band.
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    The Simon Phillips kick muffle trick

    I've been using this set up on two of my practice kits, but without the tape, I love the sound.
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    Early Bosphorous?

    I was a big fan of these around 2001, especially the Traditional line. Everything there looks right. The stamp was never hammered in very well.
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    What's up with the George Way Drum Co.?

    Catch and release.
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    Which Drummaker Edge Matches Which Manufacturer?

    Wow. Just wow. Looks like LA Camco edges without the rerings.
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    terrible smell upon opening brand new Ludwig snare box - has anyone experienced this?

    I bought a brand new, previously unopened 402 about 4 years ago, the thing was filthy, covered with greasy fingerprints and smudges. Ludwig acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. I sent it back, scratched anything "new" Ludwig off my list.
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    Updated: The Consensus Greatest U.S. Late Night Comedy Show Drummers

    It's been a long time, but I remember liking Chuck Morris on Arsenio.