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    What a talent!

    That is ridiculous
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    How do the pros do this?

    Very interesting thanks for posting
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    How do the pros do this?

    Years ago when I was playing out regularly I had some help with set up and breakdown. But no matter what timeslot we were playing I would always have to go on stage when the drums are being set up to make sure they were set comfortably for me to play. Any Professional show I’ve seen where...
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    O.T. It's COLD and snowy!

    Feel bad for you in Texas. If you’re not used to it it can be tough. I had to shovel out from the blizzard of 78 when the snowblower broke down-will never forget that one. Hours of shoveling.
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    O.T. If you don't care much for Country Music...

    I love the old (40’s-early 70’s) Country/rockabilly/western songs. Honestly the “new” country doesn’t do a thing for me.
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    Is This The Original Head that came with this Snare

    The made in USA stamp makes me think it’s in the right era. I believe Rocker heads came out in the early 80s but not sure if the logo changed.
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    Cleaning before Selling??

    I don’t understand why people don’t at least wipe stuff off or do a basic cleaning- they would certainly get a better price. I bought a 40’s Radio King on eBay that was covered in dirt and dust. Really had no idea of its condition. When I got it took everything apart and cleaned it all off...
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    best decision you ever made drum related

    Figuring out the bass drum shouldn’t be touching the floor.
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    Worst decision you ever made related to drumming.

    I love doing it too. But I never sell them ha ha certainly not a good plan to make money in the long run but very rewarding if you like doing it.
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    Truths we’ve learned playing music

    When the guitarist in your band continually disappears right after the gig and never helps pack up the gear until he realizes after the last show his $2000 amp was left on the sidewalk.
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    My Latest Project - w/ pics

    Perfect addition. Looks very nice. I have a lot of love for Slingerland RJB kits here’s one of them.
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    Any evidence that modern Delmar wraps will fade at all

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed any fading or change in color over time in the Delmar wraps in the last 20 years or so. I know they’re made differently than the vintage ones just curious if anyone could reply “definitely yes”.
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    Worst decision you ever made related to drumming.

    I have to say these are really great stories! I am enjoying reading immensely.
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    Worst decision you ever made related to drumming.

    This can be anything but for me it was after one band had broken up playing in and around Boston. Got together with a few people to try and do a wedding band thing. Two weeks into it I threw my sticks down and said I’m done. First time I ever quit a band. Went from playing mostly originals to...
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    Afraid to practice because people might hear me

    It’s just like golf. If you’re worried how your swing looks to other people you’ll never play well. Do your thing- if you suck real bad you won’t wanna play anymore but as long as you’re getting enjoyment play away.