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    New Radio King prototypes

    Thanks for the nice comments. The badges were new old stock Conway. I wanted to do the cloud badges obviously and those were my best option they look identical to the originals. I also opted for the bullnose aluminum grommet over the thin brass one. I just like the look of the combination...
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    New Radio King prototypes

    I Guess the product of too much time on my hands. Also too impatient to wait for DW to come out with something that I may not be interested in anyway. So I decided to try and build something as close as I could that would quench my desire for true radio king drum sets being made again. Bernie...
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    Question about this 9x13" Slingerland tom

    My various Slingerland kits are mostly centered. If anything they’re usually a little more off left to right then up and down. But yes anything larger than a 16 inch floor Tom the badge always seems to be up quite a bit higher not sure the reasoning for this one. In regards to the tom in...
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    As I’ve said before here this is the last snare drum I would ever get rid of.
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    Finally finished 40’s Radio King set

    Not one ply-they are traditional 3 ply mahogany/poplar with “baseball bat” round over edges.
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    Drum revelation ?

    I don’t usually like 22 inch bass drums but ... Played mostly 24s, started out with a 22, have a couple of 26’s But I have to say the bass drum that came with my 58 Slingerland Krupa 1N is special. It’s easy to play for quick patterns but has great punch and boom. Maybe most people can’t...
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    Finally finished 40’s Radio King set

    OK here’s a few more.
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    Finally finished 40’s Radio King set

    Sorry- too attached to it now. Play it everyday!
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    Precision has it.
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    The butter scotch looks like the real deal!
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    Color my kit..please

    Straight black sparkle would be my choice.
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    No BRONZE for you!

    I Love my bronze Ludwig . Probably the last snare I would ever get rid of.
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    Slingerland best value for vintage drum sets?

    My first high-quality drum set was an early 70s Slingerland. After that I was a Ludwig guy for 30 years. Over the last eight years I’ve drifted back to Slingerland. I know some of the Radio King stuff is pricey but Slingerland drum sets from late 50s through the late 70s are nice instruments...
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    What paint for bass drum hoops?

    Recently restored two sets of Slingerlands. Satin black seems to look best definitely don’t use gloss.
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    Looking for Green Pearl Wrap

    Thanks for the info. Interesting