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    Banner Mij drums

    From what I understand, many these early MIJ stencil kits had countless names for what was essentially the same kit. You could pretty much have any name you wanted on these badges, as long as you ordered enough of them. The same kits with badges like "Mr TS - World's Supreme Quality" or...
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    BeBop band at a general festival with house drums - how do you handle it?

    Same here. I bring cymbals, pedal, snare, sticks and pray a decent set of drums du jour when I get to the venue. I did a whole tour on full backline, but fortunately, the backline company was able to bring me the exact kit I wanted. I was very impressed to get on stage and see everything I...
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    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    Yeah, you're right—it's in the same key of the song! That's a great sound for a Pearl Export snare.
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    Which of you are songwriters?

    Actually, I like this a lot! I am a huge fan of the 1980s power pop. This is super up my alley. I would love to hear more. Reminds me of Pezband from Chicago.
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    The Myth of the Deep Bass Drum

    100% agree! I won't buy a kit with a bass drum that's more than 16" depth (OK, my 24 is a 17" depth, but that's Yamaha's in-between sizing). I do not need that excess depth, just takes up more space in my car. I don't like ridiculously shallow BDs, though. I like 20x14s, 22x16s, pretty standard...
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    What’s your favorite stick?

    Guitar Center (Sound Percussion?) cheapie 2B wood tip for rock. Guitar Center (Sound Percussion) 7A wood tip for jazz. After decades of playing Vics, Pro-Marks, Regals, and Vaters, I've realized that the differences between the GC sticks and the brand names are negligible in my hands, other...
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    Batter Bass Heads-how often do you change 'em?

    For my rock kits, this is usually the only thing I’ll change. And they rarely wear out for me.
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    Jazz players? LSR choices?

    For my bop kit, I am running an 18" Manhattan crash as a LSR, since I rarely ever really "crash" in a bop combo (especially one that has me playing brushes at least 50% of the set). The 18" Manhattan makes a perfectly good ride for my needs. On the right side, I'm using a 20" Manhattan ride...
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    Which of you are songwriters?

    Isn't that a cool feeling? A major commercial radio station in my area spun a single that I produced entirely in a spare bedroom in my house a few times last year. It was blowing my mind to listen to it getting played back on the radio in the spare bedroom from where it was recorded!
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    Which of you are songwriters?

    And, by songwriting, I mean lyrics, melody and chordal structure. I know, I’m going to get drummers saying “I write my drum parts in my band and therefore I am a songwriter, too” to which I say, let me know how that goes when you collect your songwriting royalties. Us drummers are always going...
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    New Pearl Thrones

    All of my hardware is either aluminum (Crosstown) or single-braced (Yamaha 700 series). I am all about saving weight and packaging things smaller where I can. BUT, the only double-braced, overbuilt, heavy hardware bits I own are three Gibraltar thrones. I am under 190 lbs., but my throne must...
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    I hate micro kits.

    As the owner of several kits in 24/13/16, 22/13/16, 22/12/14, 20/12/14 and 18/12/14 sizes, I say use the tools that are best for the job. For rock, I absolutely love the 22/13/16 config, but for combo jazz, an 18/12/14 kit is perfect, as you don’t want big drums stomping all over the rest of the...
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    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    Yeah! I've seen that advertised on TV before. I wonder how much weight it could hold...?
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    I’ve probably said this before but much love for Club Customs!

    Yeah, I think the WMP was only available on Beech Custom Absolute, but not the regular BC. I have a Beech Custom Absolute snare 7x14" in WMP. It's fantastic.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    The Melvins (Dale Crover on drums)