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    Mr Rock Solid: Anton Fig

    Great episode with a great guy. Thank you, John. As here are friends and admirers of Anton Fig, I have a 'special question'. Years ago a saw a youtube of a solo of him, that impressed me. It started slowly with a very simple beat on the toms. Then it got more complicated, but always came back...
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    Sonor Vintage vs SQ2 Thin/Medium Beech

    Hi Murat Just by coincidence I stumbled about this video: It's from a test of a German music internet site. The set looks like yours. I mean - not maybe or somehow, it looks exactly...
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    Drum History Podcast about John Bonham

    Thanks George. Learned a lot about Bonham. Especially the 'older' stories were unknown to me. Hope, you get once the chance to talk with Carmine Appice about their relationship (if you haven't yet). There must be stories filling many evenings ... And thanks to your hint to 'Mourning in the...
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    Considering Duluth Bell Brass Snare Build

    OK, I understand. Keep fingers crossed that it will sound like you expected.
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    Considering Duluth Bell Brass Snare Build

    You know Tempest Drums? One of the best I've ever heard and played (only tested, newer owned). Don't know if they deliver shells only. At least they produce theirs together with a real bell producer (Glockengiesser). Or Udo Masshoff (close to Berlin)...
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    A wrench in the Avedis Zildjian stamp timeline?

    Few months ago, we discussed a similar thing on a cymbal I bought. Most likely stamped in the 60s, ink stamped in 70s, lathed probably even in the 50s. One point was, that larger cymbals might have lurked around for longer times in stock. Thread...
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    Vintage ... Pearl? No: Gretsch 4153 floor show

    Good question. Kind of fat backbeat, but I don't remember this snare as single drum sound, only the whole rhythm section. It's about 30 years ago. They had 28 inch bass drum and a great bass player in 'Entwistle style', they could go really powerful. Snare was at least not the weak point in this...
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    Hats feel on Simple minds "Don't you forget about me" ?

    ... and 'Don't you forget' to switch to the ride bell at the very last 'la la la's' of the song. Reminder to myself: 'Don't you forget' not to rush in this case. Most typical mistake.
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    Who Picked Drummers Better Than David Bowie?

    And what about Nick, Rod, Richie and John? They picked an influential drummer who is still in the band, decades after the last of them left.
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    Vintage ... Pearl? No: Gretsch 4153 floor show

    Thank you for all the answers. Also to SwissFlamtackles. This gets me a step further. I was searching more (or call it 'going into the rabbit hole') of Gladstone snares. For example which shells he used in the late 40s and 50s, and these were of course the 3 ply from Gretsch. He didn't like the...
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    Vintage ... Pearl? No: Gretsch 4153 floor show

    Thank you, retrosonic What you propose would be a "full restoration". I could fall back on to this plan, if nothing else works out. And I'll keep it in mind and try to find spare parts in meantime. But actually, I like this 'less is more' idea of that drum. The 'workhorse look' of this snare...
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    Vintage ... Pearl? No: Gretsch 4153 floor show

    Thank you already for all your comments. And sorry that I couldn't continue yesterday, but I do now. It's a Gretsch Snare, that's for sure. Even though there is no Gretsch sign left on it. Should be round badge 6,5 x 14 inch. Top hoop has 8 lugs, bottom 6 lugs. I was searching through old...
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    Vintage ... Pearl? No: Gretsch 4153 floor show

    I'll need some advice from vintage drum specialists. Last week, I stumbled upon a snare drum. I knew this drum already since decades, as a local (and very good) drummer used it in different bands. Bands that inspired myself to go on stage, so it's quite a while ago. More than 30 years. Now it...
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    $91 for Regal Tip Brushes!

    Same here, but different clinic. Actually, he made me start using brushes. I ordered his signature brushes and waited a few months to get them (due to a serious delay on German market). When they arrived, I was so happy. But just to find out, the 'Jeff Hamilton signature brushes' fit even better...
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    Favorite Rudd song on drums from AC/DC

    It's not his typical groove. But listen how he makes Angus shine during solo. Many tribute acts fail on this one (or just leave it out).