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    Interesting news article about the Noble & Cooley Drum Co.

    Great article thanks for sharing
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    Jenkins-Martin 7x14 Snare

    Woohoo that was close.... almost had to explain another snare drum to the
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    I picked up an RTC bass drum 26x18....oh my thunder it shakes the windows in my house. Still looking for a 16" floor Tom in black sparkle.
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    What Makes A Snare Drum Good?

    Depends on the day and the mood. I have a few go to snares that never disappoint. Everyone has a different taste and a different ear
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    Score of a lifetime!

    Wow!! What a stash
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    Yamaha Rock tour custom

    I have 3 13x11 toms black sparkle finish a 12x10 tom and a 15x13 tom #1 1311 is repainted with no mount $75 #2 13x11 is is in good shape hardware is getting a little pitted finish is very nice $100 #3 13x11 is is in good shape hardware is nice and finish is nice $150 12x10 tom is in very nice...
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    Free shipping GC used gear?

    They just shipped a drumset across the country from store to store for $50. Other times they've charged $50 for a cymbal only 2 states away. GC shipping has always baffled
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    Floor Toms

    I prefer my 18 over my 16 floor tom
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    Tama cordia?

    Here is a lug pic
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    Tama cordia?

    2 floor Tom's showed up with an RTC kit I bought. No badges ,but the floor Tom brackets have Tama printed on them. Just curious if they are Cordia's ....they are for sale
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    Tama Granstar 16" floor tom firestorm red

    16" Tama Granstar firestorm red very nice shape non Tama legs included missing one T-bolt from leg holder. Drum needs cleaning chrome and wrap in very nice shape. Looking for $150 $15 shipping in the lower 48 Need to sell make an offer please email or call or text...
  12. IMG 151925866403F

    IMG 151925866403F

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    Bun and Cheap Trick - Playing Sgt Pepper's Live

    Thanks for sharing,totally awesome! !
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    Visiting Tama in Nagoya, Japan

    What a great opportunity
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    The return of Mod Orange!

    Wow loOKs awesome, thanks Bun