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    Neil Peart Side project's..

    There’s always his first band, JR Flood
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    My Tama Star Bubinga with 19”. 602 Classic crash, 22” 602 ride, 15” 602 ME hats, 18” Zildjian K Sweet crash, 8” 602 ME splash
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    Paiste 602

    It looks like you are in Eagle River(beautiful area) and we spend some time there at least once a year as it’s near our cabin in Watersmeet. Where do you go to try out cymbals from there? I have some 602s... love them
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    Mugan Music Group

    I recently purchased an 18” Paiste 602 off Reverb at Best Offer price and was immediately told they made a mistake and gave me option to get a 19” at same price or I could wait and get the 18”. I took the 19. I could not have been happier with communication and the willingness for them to make...
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    Halftime Show....

    Mildly entertaining sans the backup singers with jockstrap masks
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    La Villa Strangiato

    Speaking of Alex, have you ever seen the clips of him from a documentary about wayward teen? This clip in particular is funny with his parents doubting his future in music. Fun to watch knowing how successful he turned out to be
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    OT - Ranking a bands musicians skill and talent

    I am not in a band, but if I was, I’m thinking in my demo ...if women in crowd decided to take off items of clothing and throw at band on stage, we would have to throw them back and ask to please put back on.
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    Would You Let Your Son Date A Drummer?

    That would be a yes. Not many deal breakers, but I can tell you that liking Nickelback or Insane Clown Posse would be one.
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    OT - Would you let your son/daughter date an accordion player?

    Guess I have to say yes. My father can lay down a decent “Beer Barrel Polka” and the “Molly B. Polka Party” is considered acceptable viewing in my area.
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    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    I find him to be a DBag and don’t follow him on social media anymore. Really, all I have to say on subject. Different strokes
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    My bands new albums!

    Listening as I am working. Great job and fantastic drum sound.
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    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    Respectfully, I understand we all interpret things differently but I find being offensive on social media to be part of what I don’t like about the medium and way too common.
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    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    Just judging from Tommy Igoe’s social media posts over the years, he seems like a pretty close-minded and judgemental individual. On the other end, I have met Rod Morgenstein, Morgan Rose and Todd Suchermann and all seemed approachable and receptive. Steve Smith and Dave Weckl somewhat less.
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    K Cons vs Paiste Trads

    I own a K Con Renaissance and it is probably my favorite ride of all time. That being said, I have never played a Paiste jazz oriented ride but if this video is any indication, I’ve been missing out.
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    Man, I just got lost in the Vulfpeck Zone!

    One of the most disappointing aspects of this forum lately is the the thin skin. Not just this thread either. I suspect most users are adults and I would hope a little ribbing or “chop-busting “ could be tolerated, especially among long time members familiar with each other. Yes sometimes the...