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    Big Bad Kit Porn!

    My Old 1963 Gretsch Round badge,has a 26,13,18 w/ matching 8 lugger!!! Recording w/ Early Mankey in Thousand Oaks(1990's),he loved it too!!!
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    Moon on Ludwigs with High Numbers in '64

    Great Footage...and for all of you who have record players...FIND THIS HIGH NUMBERS "FAN CLUB" L.P. RECORD!!! Keith on Ludwig Drums!!! YEA!!!
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    Zildjian trans-stamp date help 40's or 50's???

    Thanks Guys! The cymbal sounded really great! I laid off it a bit(dont crack cymbals EVER,and didnt wanna chance it) also had a time shaving the plastic cup washer on the stand my cymbal sits on(the hole was too small)by friend Bill Batman was on hand to help out the carving...NO the CYMBAL HOLE...
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    Zildjian trans-stamp date help 40's or 50's???

    Hi, I just bought this cymbal from C.L.= "Zildjian 20" Light Ride $80"...But it measures 19 5/8" ???...Sounds like a "K"(dark w/Explosive crashes and a very controllable Ride-Center Cymbal/Bell)...Thin/Light in weight=1640 GRAMS...and a small trans stamp 1 1/8"(w/NO ..-- under the...
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    Player's kits vs. collectors kits

    I have 4 kits i alternate playing out,and use for studio work.2 have matching snares,and i have 3 extra snares(metal ones)i alternate as well...although these kits are(semi)collectible,They are ALL players grade drum sets! I really prefer most things in NON-mint condition,aged,and or...
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    Who are your favorite bass players?

    I really love a great bass player---In fact,i have learned more about how to be a technical drummer/musician/percussionist from working with,namely these 2 men: 1).Zander Schloss(known as "The Time Nazi",by Josh Freeze) 2).Keith Miller And so,here is my small list in no particular order: Phil...
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    forum names

    Teenagebrain---The name of a song on my cousins L.P. from 1979,w/his(and now my)band The Gears :wink:
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    What do we have here?

    The top looks to have Leedy lugs!??~!
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    Top two heavy songs from your past

    *MOTORHEAD* "Killed By Death" !!! This song peel paint!!!
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    Ludwig Supra SOLD

    What are the numbers on the badge? cant quite make them out...
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    iN 1979 i mad emy folks take us(brother and I) to see The Ventures,Jan and Dean,plus The Beach Boys at Disneyland !!! One of my best young memories and days!!!
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    Cozy Powell . . .

    Cozy Powell!!! Great drummer!!! I really love this picture of him!!!
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    YOUR vintage drums...what WILL become of them?

    I have 4 kits that "don't belong to me"... 1st kit...22,13,16 WFL 1957 black oyster,belongs to my youngest(The Pig)who is "7 years of old age" and shreds para diddles!!! 2nd kit...24,13,16 WFL 1949 Black Diamond Pearl(Ray McKinely),belongs to my middle daughter(The Informer 12 yrs old) who loves...
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    Big Bad Kit Porn!

    26,15,18 w/6.5x14 Acrolite...All 1970 mixed Pre-serial and 802XXX Blue/Olive badge,3 ply maple Ludwig kit!!! ALSO...26,13,16 WFL Buddy Rich w/6.5x14 Ray McKinley...All 1947 WFL badge White Marine Pearl catalog kit!!! And Finally...24,13,16 WFL Ray McKinley w/5.5x14 Buddy Rich...All 1949 WFL...
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    Your Two fav snares..

    My 2 Fav's...6.5x14 NOB Ludwig and Ludwig Anniversary and a very unique one,a true 5.5x14(YES it measures 5 and 1 half inches deep!!!) nickel on alloy shell,lugs,and hoops w/WFL, badge baseball bat muffler,and crimped snare bed...VERY GREAT/UNIQUE SOUNDING snare !!!