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    Eames kit "refresh"

    I was just wishing my Eames were Emerald green instead of the newer rosewood which is more brown. is it possible to sand off and re-stain a drum?
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    Drumless Jazz Tracks

    IRealpro app doesnt have melodies but you can do a lot with tempo change and feels.
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    Should I teach my private lessons tomorrow?

    I set up for skype/facetime lessons. First time is today. The parents seem to like the idea and have already done it with other lessons, including dance. Should be interesting. I sure do feel better not going out.
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    Time to laugh pt2 -the virus playlist.

    Hello Walls
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    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    Partridge Family Monkees Archies Gordon Lightfoot I think Neil Diamond is a great song writer James Taylor, but nothing really embarrassing about that. Just pretty mellow. I like soft rock and heavy jazz
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    Favorite Brush tunes

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    Favorite Brush tunes

    Borrowing from Nacci’s post, what are some favorite brush cuts? A couple of mine are - “Billy Boy“ Philly with Miles The opening/closing from “ Petticoat Junction” among many, many others...
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    David Byrne, Once in a Lifetime, SNL, GENIUS!

    I believe the drums are Pork Pie.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Always called it a ride tom. it rides on the bass drum, like a freeloader.
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    Favorite Odd Meter song/piece/recording/performance

    Go back to your Bacharach days and talk about the 7/8 measure at the end of “ Anyone Who Had a Heart” That one gets me every time.
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    Bass drum practice pad?

    They can slide even on a carpet. Sometimes I put a weight in front. The mesh would probably be quieter. The rubber pads aren’t that soft sounding. You don’t need a bass drum. Pick up some legs and a lift for a floor tom. It would fit better under the desk.
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    Rich Sticks

    Custom Drumsticks. On fb
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    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    Happened to a friend also.
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    Gibraltar Custom Shop Makeover - Nick D'Virgilio

    Hmm, If Yamaha made a Crosstown version...
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    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    I have the snare and hi hat stand. Loving them. The hi hat is rock solid. Well done Yamaha.