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    Tama Artwood AW265 lug replacement

    I'll try it. Thanks. If I'm honest, I've had the shell for sale for a while and no one was biting so I wanted to figure out a way to make it a whole snare and maybe see if it's a keeper or put it up for sale.
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    Tama Artwood AW265 lug replacement

    I checked on DFD. The tube lugs available would be " typically used on 3" to 4" deep snare drums". If I. bought the tube lugs, I would probably have to compensate with extremely long tension rods. Or, perhaps I am missing something.
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    Tama Artwood AW265 lug replacement

    I am looking for an alternative to spending $15 per lug for this snare. Does anyone know if the lugs that are spaced 2" apart on DFD would work on this snare? I used a measuring tape and it seems like the distance between the center of each of the holes is slightly less than 2". Please let me...
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    Suggestions for Overheads

    I am looking into purchasing two Coles 4038's but they are very expensive. Are there comparable overheads for a more reasonable price?
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    Coles 4038

    I read an article where the engineer for Steve Jordan said one of his studio tricks was to put a Coles 4038 directly above him and compress the mess hell out of it. Has anyone tried this technique? I can only afford one at the moment. Also, if anyone on this forum has any leads on a used one, I...
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    Wooden Hoops

    Thanks so much for the reply. I will definitely buy them. That was just what I needed to hear to make the decision. Can you tell me more about the gasket idea? Is this something I can order from DFD? I am definitely fine with creating some notches to make the legs fit, I have the tools. Thanks...
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    Wooden Hoops

    I recently pick up a set of wooden rims for my 13" Steve Jordan snare at and love them. The price was reasonable and it seemed to be a necessary addition to that particular snare as the master himself uses them and what could it hurt. They sound great and I'm very please...
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    Cleaning up Yamaha badges

    I recently bought a Yamaha Absolute Maple kit and I absolutely adore it. It has some minor blemishes, but I am fully attached to making it look and sound as good as it can possibly can. The biggest problem that needs solving (if possible) is cleaning up the badges on the kit. Specifically the...
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    Noble & Cooley 14 x 3 7/8" Maple Snare

    I know they're hard to find for an even somewhat decent price. I am willing to trade. A list of inventory can be found here: but I also have cymbals (Paiste Traditionals, Cymbal & Gong, Omni Crash/Ride 22") and even a vintage Jazz Festival Ludwig snare...