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    CL score!

    I swear to Goodness I thought the exact same thing when I saw it!!! LOL NICE CRASH, Score!!
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    When did Ludwig switch from 1.3(?)mm

    Okay, fellows. This makes sense. And it’s a ‘74 drum by serial number so I’ll guess the botttom is original and top is not. The top needs replacing anyways... I’ll see if I can find a 1.6mm in good condition to replace it.
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    When did Ludwig switch from 1.3(?)mm

    To the thicker 2.3mm hoops? I have a Super Sensitive recently acquired and upon disassembly for cleaning note the bottom hoop is very thin compared to the top (which needs replacing...). Would a mix of hoop thickness have been common between top/bottom?
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Not so far, but I’m still on the road for work this week. I’ll get home and open it up Thursday. I guess I should probably keep a drum key in my car....
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Oh... oops. I was thinking about all those keystrokes. LOL
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Picked this up this afternoon from a. Fellow that said he got it new in ‘72. After talking with @KCDrumDad it has a ‘74 serial number. I have a hard time remembering some things from 45!years ago myself, but he swears he recently tosswd the original receipt.... Either way it’s a cool drum...
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    Identifying a Gretsch Drum Set

    Great find!!!
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    New release out today

    Does sound good. And it was like a flashback to college in the late 80s.... Good times. :thumbup:
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    How old are thes Gretsch Cat Clubs?

    Can’t figure multiquote on an iphone.... I went back today to snap a badge pic. Yes, the square blacks. And the price is now $700.
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    How old are thes Gretsch Cat Clubs?

    I want my own kit in satan....
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    How old are thes Gretsch Cat Clubs?

    I’ve tried the $400 Offer but the kit “hasn’t been out long enough”. So I’ll wait. I’m a patient fellow....
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    How old are thes Gretsch Cat Clubs?

    These appeared at a local pawn shop a few weeks ago. I don’t know modern Gretsch at all.... Is there enough info to guestimate year of production? I’m thinking 2002-2005ish...? “8” piece. Hats are a sabian and a zildjian, both heavy and I’m assuming both originally bottom hats. 18” A...
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    Zildjian 16 Medium Crash SOLD

    Too heavy for my tastes. 1153 grams. This one will be loud. This one will project. If that’s what you’re looking for this s one you want. Another bedroom cymbal. Excellent condition for an early 80s cymbal. No cracks, chips or keyholes. There is one spot about 1/4” on the edge where I...
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    New Beats SOLD

    Just the proverbial New Beats. No sound file. IMO they all sound really quite the same, and I mean that in a good way. Perfrct “chick” closing sound. Nice raspy partial open sound. These look like they were bedroom cymbals. Sat on the stand for years with some playing time since the...
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    KB Supraphonic/Acrophonic? finally finished IMAGES ADDED

    Spent an hour this evening looking through old photos aNd finally found some “before” pics. As purchased it looked pretty bad, but after the chrome was removed it was evident just how badly the corrosion affected finish. It all cleaned up really well in the end.