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    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    Still have them. WMP Gretsch Playboy 12/20 witha 16” stencil FT and a 3 ply 4157. Got them when I was 13. From a fellow that lived across the street. Swapped out the FT for a Gretsch and recovered the set in aged WMP. Still have them at 53.
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    Avocado Green Galaxy "Supra" with Bowties!

    I rehab’d a similar drum that had been covered in Fender black tolex (complete with contact cement). I removed the wrap, had a chrome shop strip the shell and had the shell polished. It turned out really well. There’s a thread somewhere hereon DFO about the rehab. I have another waiting...
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    Back from the Grave

    Welcome back, Mike. Hang in there.... I suppose a nice Burgundy Sparkle could fill the gap left by rare Caddy Green...
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    Vintage Gretsch Snare Drum Family Photo

    Nice collection there. Always good to see old Gretsch. I did a “family photo” for Christmas. Mostly Gretsch. A few Ludwig scattered throughout. My 1920s NOB Ludwigs and old Gretsch rope tension marcher are out of the photo.
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    Today’s dilema. One of them HAS to go.

    Right. I get it. But cash in hand and I promise I’ll spend it on Cuban cigars... Thinking the Sweet Ride can, well... ride to a new home. I’m thinking the Paragon stays.
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    Today’s dilema. One of them HAS to go.

    Cleaning the drum room. I have an accumulation of cymbals that I just don’t need. Trying to decide which one gets the boot. My two heaviest ride cymbals, and I don’t play anything heavy any more. Problem is, I have always loved the Paragon. Low pitched ping. Tight, minimal wash...
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    CL score!

    I swear to Goodness I thought the exact same thing when I saw it!!! LOL NICE CRASH, Score!!
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    When did Ludwig switch from 1.3(?)mm

    Okay, fellows. This makes sense. And it’s a ‘74 drum by serial number so I’ll guess the botttom is original and top is not. The top needs replacing anyways... I’ll see if I can find a 1.6mm in good condition to replace it.
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    When did Ludwig switch from 1.3(?)mm

    To the thicker 2.3mm hoops? I have a Super Sensitive recently acquired and upon disassembly for cleaning note the bottom hoop is very thin compared to the top (which needs replacing...). Would a mix of hoop thickness have been common between top/bottom?
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Not so far, but I’m still on the road for work this week. I’ll get home and open it up Thursday. I guess I should probably keep a drum key in my car....
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Oh... oops. I was thinking about all those keystrokes. LOL
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    One owner Ludwig SS

    Picked this up this afternoon from a. Fellow that said he got it new in ‘72. After talking with @KCDrumDad it has a ‘74 serial number. I have a hard time remembering some things from 45!years ago myself, but he swears he recently tosswd the original receipt.... Either way it’s a cool drum...
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    Identifying a Gretsch Drum Set

    Great find!!!
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    New release out today

    Does sound good. And it was like a flashback to college in the late 80s.... Good times. :thumbup: