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    Unwarping a cymbal ?

    Wow. That is WARPED.
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    Is Santa bringing any of you some cool piece of music gear for Christmas? (That you know of...)

    Nice! That's going to be a great drum. I'll have a SS Maple some day. (Or maybe Tulip... or Walnut... they all sound incredible.)
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    Is Santa bringing any of you some cool piece of music gear for Christmas? (That you know of...)

    You can't be a tease like that, what'd you order?
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    It's a shame he'll never get $1250 for it. I love those kits, one of my friends had one when I was a kid and it sounded incredible, but between deeper rack toms, hanging floor toms, and it being a premier kit he'll be lucky to get $800 for it I bet.
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    YAMAHA Manu Katche Jr. kit MIJ

    How do you feel about one with some dings on it for $200?
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    14x6.5 12-Over-6 Lug Snare...say what?

    I never understood the 12 over 6 thing. Personally, I'd like my reso head tuned a bit tighter. On a 6/6 snare I'm cool with it, because it's part of the vibe, but this just seems weird.
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    Snare drum stand to fit wood hoop snare?

    I use a 700 series Yamaha stand and it fits my 14" wood hooped snare just fine.
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    Have you ever seen the Talking Heads perform?

    My dad saw them on the Stop Making Sense tour at the Cape Cod Coliseum, and he's long said that it was the best show that he's ever seen, and he's not even a huge Talking Heads fan, he's much more of a classic rock (Aerosmith, ABB, etc...) guy. I'm much too young to have ever seen them, but...
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    Considering a rack for cymbals and asking for your input

    Do your cymbal stands have memory locks? That's all I use with my kit and it makes set up / tear down a breeze. The cymbals are always in the same place / height.
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    Living Loving Maid (and Songs That are Too Short)

    If people don't like short songs, may I recommend against listening to Guided By Voices.
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    Biggest, fattest, deepest floor tom...

    Sonor S-Class 14" (diameter) x 16" (depth). It sounded gigantic.
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    In Honor of the DW Acquisition, Lets See Your Slingerland Drum Pics!

    My dearly departed Slingerlands. Loved this kit, just had to move on to something new. Rewrapped shells, 50's kick, 60's rack and floor. 24/13/16.
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    Are your best snare and your most versatile snare the same snare?

    My Noble & Cooley 4.75 x 14 Alloy Classic has done the trick in every situation I've thrown it at so far. I'm hoping to grab a SS Maple at some point in the near future (next year or so), so we'll see how that stands up to it too.