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    What Elvin Jones CAN (could) do!!

    “Why are you playing brushes so loud?” “Because..” “Well, you may as well be playing sticks, so what’s the point?” “Because it’s a ballad. It may be loud, but the feeling is still quiet.” “That doesn’t make any sense.” “That’s because feelings are complicated.” “How so?” “Well you know...
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    Drummers who did something amazing

    I’ll nominate any and all drummers, famous and not, that simply continued on. The ones that had success at one point and then didn’t for the rest of their careers but kept doing it because they had to. The ones that didn’t have success (most of us) but maybe got close once or twice and still...
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    still using Facebook?

    They need regulation..or forced or something. They want it both ways. They want to be not responsible for what gets posted and say they’re not a media company – instead mediating media (help) which is correct both times since most people get their news there and the news is targeted...
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    Is Kenny G a Threat to Jazz?

    A man smiling while playing sax will always be suspect. Pandering, and not wanting to play to an empty room are not the same thing. Sometimes, not always. Threat level was initially ‘high’. Later downgraded to ‘are you kidding me my grandma is more threatening’. At the time the problem wasn’t...
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    Gaddiments- new Steve Gadd rudiment book.

    Remember when your parents said don’t play with your food? ha I think his rudiment ideas always have a backbeat in them, or an implied clave pattern. You can hear that in both of these clips. The vid I posted above with the interview he says with Stuff when he would solo he could apply...
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    The golden record

    When I first heard there was a ‘golden record’ on voyager my first thought was, you think aliens have a record player????? ahahahahahah. These are scientists no less. Assuming the aliens have ears and eyes and feel or learn something from sound and images. that’s a lot of assumptions! But really...
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    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    Years ago I was in a band that had done well enough to the point that clubs and festivals would contact us to see if we wanted to play. We had been together for a few years and there were tensions in the band between the 2 leaders, and they knew we were close to breaking up but the rest of us...
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    The Motian in Motion doc is out

    Can't wait to see it!
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    Guitar World Declares a “New Wave of Classic Rock” — 15 Bands

    If any of these bands are derivative, or the bands they are derivative from are also derivative, then all good as I see it. If some kid hears these bands and says “yeah it’s ok” , that’s enough. That kid has at least been exposed to people playing with people, making original music (or trying...
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    I hadn't heard them until Youtube recommended the documentary (breadcrumb trail) this year, and then I checked out their 2 records. Incredibly weird awesome beautiful band. They are pranksters but also serious as a heart attack. They were really young on this record - late teens - for playing...
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    Who would say 22/16/13 is more versatile than 20/14/12?

    It’s the curse. We’re cursed! Traps. We’re trapped in all our sht. Honey do you really need 2 gongs..ok so can the other one go in the shed instead of the kitchen. No that’s the good one! It has to stay warm and dry! There’s no answer. Be ok with what you have with all its benefits and limits or...
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    Some Bill Stewart Sheets

    Thank you for the rec of the En Route record. That led me to the live show below and the Past Present record. I haven't kept up with Bill or Scofield much. I saw the band with Lovano a couple times around '90, and they were burning hard then. Glad to see they still are, even moreso maybe. This...
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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I haven’t owned a car in 20 yrs. But you want repair problems? Try the ny city subway. “You might get home” should be their slogan.
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    Why I DON'T Miss Playing Live

    This is where the relation of the bottom to the top gets very small. You stay in or bail. I totally understand either way. The Beatles bailed too don’t forget. Glenn Gould did too. Glenn said “the best performer to audience ratio is 1 to 0”. If anyone wants to say “that’s different”, it isn’t...
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    The dude with a flat ride in the least likely band to have such a thing. Bridging jazz to rock and knowing there was some gap that was small initially between the two but got larger and now seems to be smaller with people knowing history better and appreciating the music that led to the current...