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    tips on developing a wide/loose swing on the ride?

    Maybe it’s an equation???? 4x swing – 2y shuffle = Higgs I don’t know but Hart’s thoughts below changed how I think about the ride rhythm in general. Billy Hart: “..the island element. The cascara rhythm. Roker had the cascara in his ride cymbal beat, just like Higgins and Haynes. And drummers...
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    Chris Dave's influence...

    Assuming you’re correct, that Chris’ influence is now eclipsing Tony’s, the question is the answer actually. If Chris was heavily influenced by Tony - which he was (but also by Jack Dejohnette, Elvin Jones and Max Roach) then that influence is only expanded and amplified by Chris’ success. It’s...
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    Carter McLean is now an Evans Artist

    Let’s face it, bands are no picnic. But luckily in today’s world you don’t need them at all, and you can still play to thousands of people without even leaving your house. All you need is your gear. Evans heads can be your new companion on this journey, because we understand what today’s drummer...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    I’m guessing the pandemic blew a big whole in the z bottom line, job cuts, maybe Paul was offered a pay cut and rejected it, maybe not. Maybe axed. But..maybe he got axed because of all that he did. The ground work is done. It was done before Paul was born. There. What “r&d” needs to happen...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    I work in a grocery store starting before the pandemic. I signed up for nothing and only kept going in since it seemed like pick your poison: possible actual death from working or financial death from staying home, which can lead to..death. I only offered my job info since I was asked and...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Yes. I’m an “essential” worker, gone in every day – on the hellscape subway so double risk - for the past year +, risking it all landlord.. and people like you. I ain’t mad though. But that may be why I wrote what I did. Just zooming out..maybe too far lol. No disrespect meant to all...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    No one should be upset about anything. If Z (or all cym co’s) went belly up tomorrow we’d be ok. They are tool makers, at best. We are the carpenters. We build what is music. No tools existed at the dawn of music, because we were the music. We don’t need anything.
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    Anyone here study with Bob Guilotti?

    I didn’t study with him, but saw him with the Fringe as much as possible. Very eye opening. They (as well as Joe Maneri) taught me that free music is exactly the same as music in time; that you still have play with people and not against them. Lots of notes/minimal notes doesn’t matter. They...
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    Paradiddles didn't make my hands independent

    Stuff I was happy about after my first year of playing: making it to 6th grade the ability to carry my acro in the ufo case to school every day with one hand stopping throwing things at girls but unsure what to do instead continuing to fool my band director about my ability to read music star...
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    If the internet blew up tomorrow and went away forever, we’d be just fine musically. It’s complete icing (which is delicious) but it is not the cake. So speaking of cake – meaning actual music – my internet challenge to any of the drummers on yt etc that read here is: your next 10 videos have...
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    Are smaller bass drums that much easier to play?

    If a 24 is what you love, then anything else especially smaller will be wrong. Forget easier. You got where you are by struggling.
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    Chris Dave's influence...

    Music ebbs and flows. It doesn’t care who’s popular or not or gets into a wikipedia entry. It is. Chris is and does. It’s all good…. Only posting this vid for any that don’t know where he came from musically. If you can’t hear the influence then that’s the point. Do your own sht. Go forward...
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    Dropped Facebook

    Fb would be fine if it were moderated like here with the same guidelines. Problem solved. The free speech debate is absurd. You're in someone else's house. If they have rules, you play by them.
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    Chick Corea has passed away

    Here's Gadd from a year ago talking about Chick and his early playing with him and how Chick's drumming actually helped him.
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    not a jazz drummer but would like to improve in that area- Peter Gunn

    Slight derail. Why do you think there are so many ‘how do I play jazz’ threads as opposed to any other music? Most of us figured out rock on our own but quickly realized it wasn’t that easy either - to sound like our heroes. So what is it? In this case, it’s also easy but here we are, with...