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    Question - slightly o.t.

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    BTW, SM 57 is a dynamic mic... For a simple but effective set-up, I use a Shure Beta 52 for bass, a pair of Rode NT5 overheads for everything else. It is surprising the amount of "information" the overheads will provide
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    Have a bunch of gear to sell, just can't be bothered anymore.

    I feel your pain. Just bought a nice Yamaha RTC kit; now I have two. Certainly don't need two...
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    Adhesives For Mounting Rubber On Metal Bass Drum Rim Surface?

    Automotive parts stores should carry an easy, double-sided adhesive tape; automotive use is mounting trim pieces to the car. I used some to mount a metal window trim to the glass (originally secured with wrap-around clips) - stayed put at illegal highway speeds.
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    WTB: Throne & Hardware Case

    SKB style golf club travel case; best hardware case ever and generally available on C-list for <$50
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    Hi Hat clutch - how to cover the threads to prevent keyholing ?

    Not sure; got my generic tubing at the hardware-store-around-the-corner, used it for a number of applications. There may be other thicknesses available, but my guess is, you'll need to find a more specialized retailer - maybe medical supply?
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    Hi Hat clutch - how to cover the threads to prevent keyholing ?

    Polyvinyl plastic tubing; find diameter, cut to length
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    Zildjian main crash opinions

    I use a 19" K dark (not custom) when I need some "presence".
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    In between sticks and brushes

    Try a maple stick with a small tip - something like an Echo CWorrick suggested. Light wood, small tip, long taper might do the trick.
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    What your band is REALLY thinking.......

    Surely you don't mean that... :icon_e_wink:
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    Tung Oil questions

    It may depend on the density of the wood. i finished a walnut shell with Tung oil; three coats was all I need to bring a decent sheen to the finish with a polishing cloth. Wasn't looking for a varnish looking finish, just a glow.
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    FOUND Yamaha 3 hole mount

    These are fairly common on e bay; with a modest amount of patience, you can probably beat this price and get a memory lock as well.
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    RIP Leon Redbone

    I always thought he was a Frank Zappa alter-ego.
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    I Need Hearing Aid Advice

    Have had mine for a few months now. Several observations - most aids are designed to improve hearing in the speech range. For a musician, that results in a flat, tinny sound. The ones i ended up with (Widex) have an EQ similar to a modest sound board and user programmability - HUGE difference...
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    Questions about Jam Sessions: History, Function, Experiences

    IMHO, jams are great, if for no other reason than to sharpen your own skills by playing different (generally) material with new players. That said, some are better than others and the ones in clubs exist mostly to generate business on an otherwise slow night (though to be brutally honest, there...