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    Masters of the Groove Thread!!

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    Modern Drummer...

    I'm right there with you! 35 years ago I bought my very first issue of Modern Drummer at my local mom and pop music store. There was a small table in the back dedicated to the drum gear, which consisted of a handmade wood display rack that held a handful of Vic Firth, Regal Tip, Bunken, and...
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    George H Way Drums

    No first hand playing experience, but I've seen and heard them, as DCP has a few kits and snares in house. The quality of construction seems to be well executed and all the fittings appear to be of high quality and have a nice, deep chrome finish. The walnut bop kit that I heard on one occasion...
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    Saturday Night Smile!

    His guitar solo was perfect, and that was always my favorite kit set-up of John Blackwell's. Thanks for posting!
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    Carter McLeans HI HAT demo

    There's a being from another planet in this video, and it 'aint the creepy one atop the tabla.
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    Just saw this unusual '70s pedal on Reverb.
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    Two that I used waaay back when: Index Tension Tuners. I think the original set I purchased was brought to market by a smaller company (which I currently forget the name of) then picked up by Rhythm Tech shortly thereafter. They were really slick tension rods outfitted with small bearing, a...
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Beautiful set-up as always, my good man. The Symmetry Ride is on the short list of models that I'd like to add to my Byzance stable. There's a unique, funky quality to it that I really like.
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    Cool Finishes

    Silver Sparkle will always be my favorite. For exotics, it's Brady's Silver Gimlet and Tama's Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    I finally understand Ringo!

    I love mid-tempo songs and grooves, but what caught my attention straight away was the sound of the Hi Hats and the accents that he's playing. It wasn't any single thing though; something else just grabbed me the moment I started listening. I don't think it's particularly brilliant or ground...
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    I finally understand Ringo!

    I'll begin by saying that I arrived late to the party when it comes to listening to The Beatles. Yes, I've heard them throughout my life, know many of the songs, and appreciate and respect their contribution to modern music. I much prefer the older recordings and never cared much for Magical...
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    1st song you ever learned

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    Looking for very similar sticks to Steve Gadd Signature

    Specific weight is going to be difficult to nail down if you're ordering from an online retailer. I've weighed out multiples of the same model from the big three companies and have found differences ranging from 5 grams, up to 12 - 15 grams. That doesn't sound like much, but it made a new pair...