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    When a touring Prog band joins the ranks of a cover band....

    I'm a fan. Bogios is right up there with my favorite drummers who so passionately play for the betterment of the music as a whole. He really hooked me when he was backing Cheryl Crow.
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    J.J. Johnson and Tyler Greenwell are pretty spectacular with Tedeschi Trucks. Simply saying that they're tight doesn't seem to do them justice. It's beyond technical - those two gentleman are surfing on each other's brainwaves.
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    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    Nice looking Fibes kit just listed on Reverb. I know there are quite a few fans and dedicated players here. Not my shop, nor my listing.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I'm glad this thread is still alive! Thanks to all those who continue to post. Josh Dion, still killing it. Such a bad ass groove machine.
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    A&F now at Sweetwater

    Really liking the finish on that particular kit. A few of the demos I've watched make these quite appealing... particularly this one.
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    Cymbalsmith Recommendation

    Looking to do a little experimenting... I'm interested in having my Byzance 18" Vintage Pure Crash O-Zoned. Can anyone recommend a reputable artisan for the job?
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    Attaching mini-snare to floor tom

    Chilly has a valid point. My thought was that your M-80 is relatively light, but I suppose if you got really heavy handed, or perhaps wanted to mount a heavier drum or accessory, the potential for tweaking the rim would be there. An iNDE mount might be a solid (and somewhat lighter weight)...
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    Attaching mini-snare to floor tom

    Chris, I think the Dunnett R Class utility clamp would suit your need pretty well. Just add the L or straight rod of your choice.
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    Carter tunes and sounds good in any room!

    Bumping this back up with more stellar tone, courtesy of Mr. McLean. I highly recommend headphones to enjoy the full impact. Pure ear candy.
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    Paiste Question

    Paiste has audio samples of each model within each line on their site. From the link below tap where you want to go (Cymbals for example) and it will bring you to the cymbal Main page. Once there, swipe or scroll to the left to choose the series. Next you'll see the main page for the series you...
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    Carter tunes and sounds good in any room!

    Somewhere along the way I saw a clip of Freddy Gruber (Modern Drummer Festival video perhaps) where he's discussing the motions of a drummer's limbs and the corresponding sound that comes from that motion - how to pull sound from your drums, rather than pound it out of them. Toward the end of...
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    Sterling Campbell with the B-52s

    I watch Bowie's "Live By Request" performance often. I knew of Sterling's playing with the B-52s, but it was that show with Bowie in 2002 that made me a die hard fan. He's a fantastic drummer who plays with absolute and unwavering conviction. Love his blue sparkle GMS set-up, too. I agree with...
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    Nelsons Drum Shop

    I've not been to the shop, but I did communicate with Bryson via Reverb about a cymbal they had listed. This was at the tail end of July, and though they were in the middle of packing up the shop for a move he was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions and shoot a demo video of...
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    Premium membership and Ad free options.

    Ben, I received the same error message on Saturday for each of my three attempts.
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    LUDWIG Silver Sparkle or Silver Mist

    Silver Sparkle is my all time favorite wrap on drums. Having seen a set of Club Dates at DCP when they first hit the shelves, I became a fan of Silver Mist immediately. It's more subtle than a classic Silver Sparkle but at the same time pops more somehow. Maybe it was the lighting at the shop, I...