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    Pacific American Vintage 3pc Kit

    Any possibilities on trades?
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    Holes In Gretsch (Jasper) Shells

    Agreed. Just roll with it. Mine has a slingerland and it is just part of that drum.
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    Steve Maxwell posts Steve Jordan Stones Set-Up

    My Round Badge kit is 20, 13, 14 from factory. I've always loved that spread since you can get better tension out of a 13 than a 12, and the 14 has serious punch
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    We are lucky enough to have a few places that are big enough to have small shows.
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    FS:GMS Grand Master drums 20,12,14 SOLD!!

    someone scored!!
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    Anybody here score big at the Julien's Gretsch auction?

    I'm so glad I didnt know about this till it was over....Glad they were able to raise money for a good cause though!
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    Ludwig Super Classic 4 ply shell kits

    You don't see many for sale because nobody wants to give them up. They sound amazing. I got mine in my senior year of High School in anticipation of my first pro summer theater gig and at the time they were pretty unfashionable. Nobody was buying 10,12, 14, 20 in 1992...and they sounded like...
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    UPDATE: Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    I'd say if you were sticking to Paiste keep them small and thin. Brushes/rods on snare with no cymbal keeping time will become a secret weapon. I use a 19" Sig full crash as a crash ride for small Americana/Country gigs and along with a set of thin hats that's my cymbal setup. I never find...
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    TAMA Powerpad Hardware case/ bag with wheels

    Will a roc n soc throne top fit in this with stands?
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    90's Yamaha Maple Custom floor tom brackets (now w/pics!)

    I had these on my 30th Anniversary kit. They destroyed the lining on my floor tom case. I much prefer the keyed version on my Oak Customs.
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    Sam Bacco Gretsch

    There weren't any 10" double headed toms offered in the catalog for your era kit. I think those came in the later 70's and at that point I believe the shells were a little thinner. You could always rework a concert tom if you can find one. Drum shops used to do that all the time. Good Luck!!
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    PM sent
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    Bass drum mic Recomendations

    I would love to revive this thread. I have an M88 and a 421. Both are great, though for some things I would like something a little brainless with some built in Thump. What do you have?
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    Zildjian QUICK BEAT vs NEW BEAT top cymbal... any difference?

    I have both and would say the Quick Beat has a little more bite than a new beat. Maybe its the pairs I have. The New Beats are a little more versatile.