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    Car wrap on drums?

    I work at a place that does car wraps. I've used both 3m 1080/2080 car wrapping film and also equivalent products from avery Dennison, hexis and orafol. They all work very well. Not as durable as your standard delmar drum wrap but still a decent and cheap alternative. Especially if you are...
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    Restored 1951 Premier ‘51 Outfit’

    Very Nice! Those floor toms sound like thunder, i know as i have the exact same kit except my bass drum is a 22. I've giged mine quite a lot and it works really well, also for moddern stuff.
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    What is the Best Wood Shell Snare Regardless of Cost

    40's Radio king with Shell that's still round and has Fresh extended snare wires.
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    Player drum love

    My player grade Slingerland professional model snare. Nice solid mahogany Shell. Nickel plating is really worn on the lugs and the 3point also has it's patina. Definitly no museum piece. Still sounds fantastic, best snare for brushes i ever lent my ear to.
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    Looking for Green Pearl Wrap

    I don't know of any manufacturer, delmar european or asian making a wrap like that one. Most commonly known as sea green pearl of slingerland fame. This Carlton one could also be from another source than the American companies used. The thing is that the green color in the wrap is mixed with...
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    I went to a local (i live in Norway) audiograph/ear specialist who made the silicon moulds. They then sent it away to a Company who made the plugs who again shipped them to me. Just do a Google search on moulded ear protection to se what is available in your area.
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    How do the pros do this?

    Here's a Nice little interview with Mike Mangini talking about how a Dream Theatre production is done, about his gear and how he never sound checks him self.
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    Great French Drummer Video From 1962!

    Neat clip! Can't telly you anything about his drums i'm affraid. But i do spot what seams to be a doubble bass premier kit in the background. Which is rather cool tanken into account that doubble bass kits must have been quite a rarity in 1962.
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    I use those custom moulded plugs with interchangeable ER filter. Best investment i ever made. They are super comfortable, also in daily use. I used them for 9 hours straight on a trans-Atlantic flight once, worked very well.
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    O.T. If you don't care much for Country Music...

    I like this one, i guess you can call it country?
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    Premier 2000 snare - what a sound!

    Hey, don't tell any one how Great they are We need to keep the prices low so that thows of us in the know can get our stuff for next to nothing. jokes aside, They are really Great drums as long as the mechanism is dialed inn properly. Those hoops are fantastic as well, real rounded tight rim...
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    Wtb: Slingerland streamline Radio king lugs

    Thanks alot Pete, that's Great stuff. I've sendt you a private message, please check your inbox. Best regards T
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    Wtb: Slingerland streamline Radio king lugs

    Ideally i would only need two. Thanks
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    Wtb: Slingerland streamline Radio king lugs

    Hi Pete Sorry about the late reply. Hope your wrist is doing alright!? Here are pictures of the lug in question: Would realy appreciate if you could see if you have any in stock. Thanks
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    Will I be able to do this with a 74' Super Sensitive?

    Hellsten/hellstone in Stockholm has plenty of lm402's both 60's keystone and 70's b/o. Contact them, They are Great Helpfull People and they do have cheap postage to Norge.