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    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    Normal, medium pedal tension and work on your technique.
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    RIP McCoy Tyner

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    Seattle cymbal meet / hang coming up - Cymbal & Gong

    don't get chickenshit on me, chris ;-)
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    Seattle cymbal meet / hang coming up - Cymbal & Gong

    I'll be hosting a little cymbal-related gathering in Seattle later in the month. Cymbal & Gong president, Tim Ennis, and I will be bringing a bunch of new cymbals for people to check out, play around with, and purchase, if so inclined. Come on down, say hi, bring your cymbals— especially...
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    Favorite Brush tunes

    Definitely Billy Boy. Also: Have You Met Miss Jones? - McCoy Tyner / Roy Haynes Surrey With The Fringe On Top - Ahmad Jamal / Vernel Fournier Israel - Bill Evans / Paul Motian Ascendant - Elvin Jones Lonely Woman - Pat Metheny / Billy Higgins
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I just got a 20" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Jazz Ride @ 1893g replacing a 20" HG I sold to a friend in Germany. This one has a special patina that dries it out slightly. We're doing a meet in Seattle on March 16 if anyone wants to come hang and play a lot of Cymbal & Gong cymbals-- message me for...
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    What’s your favorite stick?

    Switched to hickory sticks after many years of using maple-- VF Combos and Slammers-- I liked the tone, but felt I was having definition problems. Lately I use LA Backbeats lightest jazz models, and Bopworks Birdlands. I like the LA Backbeats because I don't notice them. They're quirk-free. The...
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    Jazz players? LSR choices?

    The cymbal on the right is your main voice, so I want it to be solid, with the one on the left a little airier. Or I have an 18" medium with some rivets, which is heavier than my main ride. Half the time I don't bother with a second ride, I just put a 17" crash on the left. The one I have is...
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    Jon Christensen

    Damn it.
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    Cymbal & Gong cymbals?

    What kind of ride did you get? I'm actually a dealer-- you can see what I have available on my site. There are videos of each individual cymbal for sale. My youtube page includes videos of sold cymbals, if you want to get an idea of their range. The company is actually a drummer from Portland...
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    Clive 81 Maiden Killers

    Yeah they're solid! They must have just gone in and cut that first record in a day-- it sounds exactly the same. That's great-- I like the Burr/Dianno band best. I like how there's no bullshit-- after this everybody started practicing their moves in front of a mirror.
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    Art Blakely's/Tony Williams ride cymbals.

    I saw him play in '85 and he was playing a really heavy 602-- just wailing the crap out of it. At least I remember a 602-- I've seen other pictures from that period and he was playing A. Zildjians. Really a piercing sound though.
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    What Relationship Do You Look For Between Right- and Left-Side Cymbals?

    Not the same pitch, or close, hopefully with a nice sounding interval. Similar basic timbre category, one solid, one more airy.