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    Cymbal Cleaning

    are you using BKF liquid or powder, and what is your process do you pour directly on the cymbal, or onto the rag? I used the powder once on a sabian cymbal I thought it was too much
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    Is this a first generation Tama Iron Cobra?

    yes 1st gen. solid pedal. still gig mine never an issue
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    Back when Sonor did it all in house

    great sounding drums, and yes they were beasts! I don't know how I ever lugged my phonics around for as long as I did. 24/14/15/18. ridiculous!
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    What are the cheapest sticks you're willing to play (and pay)?

    back in the day i remember rolling the sticks on the drum store counter to weed out the warped ones, and they were all brand names. Better QC finally put an end to that task. I started out using Regal Tip 2B's, went from nylon to wood tip, then to 5B, 5A but it's been Vic 8D's for as long as I...
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    kinda cool find

    you know, I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it Tim. Great idea! Thank you!! :notworthy:
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    kinda cool find

    Now that both my folks are gone, I've been going through their stuff, seems they saved everything :-( Anyway, I came across the receipt for my first drum set they bought me when I was 12. It was a 3 piece red sparkle Black Jack. Basically the kit I learned on. Eventually once I started playing...
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    head/tuning recs: eames 13” and 16” toms

    Tom sizes of my Eames kit are also 13x9, 16x14 , but my bass drum is 22x14 and I use them for classic rock, so I'm probably not much help as these drums are easy for me to get where I like them, but currently running clear Emperors over clear Ambs. Prior to that was using Aquarian Texture coated...
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    Jim Gordon's Camco set

    this has been a fascinating thread. Congrats Jpollard8. you have acquired quite a nice piece of history
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    Nicko McBrain & Iron Maiden

    Is Bruce still piloting their aircraft on the tour? I saw a documentary some years ago about one of their tours where he was in his proper flight attire, at the helm of the big jet. I guess he has his commercial license. Pretty cool!
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    Lightweight snare stands

    I've read that in the reviews, but still don't understand. How can a snare stand not fold? I'll probably go with the Yamaha. They're what I've been using forever and they never fail me, ever. I just want to get a lighter one
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    Lightweight snare stands

    I checked the ones listed on the Hardware weights spreadsheet pinned above and am thinking either the Yamaha SS3 or the Tama classic series snare stand, since they're both close in weight. Was wondering if anyone is using either of these and if so what are your thoughts? thanks...
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    Phenominal Last Albums

    Queen - Innuendo Freddie's performance is remarkable. He truly gave it his all, knowing he was dying. As he said, The Show Must Go On
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    Phenomenal Debut Albums

    first Aerosmith LP. First and second for that matter. Actually the first 4 are all rock masterpieces :notworthy:
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    Ludwig classic maple kits

    I love my classic maple kit. maybe the best sounding kit I have ever owned. I went with the Steve Maxwell vintage build in Downbeat sizes
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    when i started playing as a young boy, I used the moleskin. It was all I knew. Then when they came out with the falam style I switched to that as they last far longer. however, I never liked the sound for whatever reason, so now I have gone back to moleskin. I cut in small pieces just big enough...