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    new Rogers kit

    just saw this on DCP Facebook page. very nice
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    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's)

    good choice. love my CM's. congrats!
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    Facebook Live From My Drum Room With Peter Erskine & Adam Nussbaum.

    I watched this afternoon John and I must say it was interesting, and a lot of fun! thanks for putting these together :thumbup:
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    What's the worst backline kit you've ever played?

    I seem to recall a gig using a Pearl export or maybe it was something else but it was beat, heads were dead but at least I had my own snare, cymbals and pedal so I made it work. One of the mounted toms fell off during our set. like the mount arm just snapped. I kicked it aside and kept going
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    Charlie Watts' Hybrid Drums Last Night!

    Charlie's good tonight ain't he? ;)
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    Fiona Apple's "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" out now!

    well if the rest of the album is anything like this, i'll pass
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    Song where the singer stutters

    Robert Plant on Living Loving Maid, at the very end that thing he does "L-L-L-L-L-L-La, she's just a woman"
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    C&C Player Date II Kit Nevermind! Changed my mind!

    wow, beautiful drums and a killer deal!
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    Tom mounts for the new Tama Supertar toms?

    I agree don't like rims style. I would drill for the inde mounts, if you're comfortable with doing that
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    Returning some love to Drum Center Of Portsmouth

    DCP is an amazing store, and everyone I have met there is super nice and helpful. That drum set is gorgeous Cafunko!
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    OT: Who Is Still Working?

    I work in IT for one of the major hospitals in Boston. Started working remotely last week. My wife's job is on hold. Kids are home and bored to tears lots of games and tv/movies going on
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    motorcycle for me!
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    Eames kit "refresh"

    that's what they'll do. the ebony should cover well of course being so dark
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    Eames kit "refresh"

    I've decided to have Mark Kohler (who took over Eames when Joe retired) build me a 12" tom so I can have the option of using a 2-up configuration if I so desire. At the same time, Mark will be refinishing my other shells because the particular color stain Joe used during the original build is no...
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    "Jacked Up On Speed" Frank Beard

    I agreed it could have been more in depth but it was interesting just the same. I want to know more about "that guy" who is he and what's the back story behind the gig that only one person showed up