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    Amazon deals thread

    It's fine. I'm getting all my money back no questions asked. Thats the best part about it. I don't consider it a scam, just an improperly marked item in Amazon's warehouse.
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    Anyone seen Trainwreck: Woodstock '99?

    Yep, I watched it last week. Total dumpster fire. Lack of accountability dial turned up to 1 million. As for charging Korn and Limp Bizkit, I don't agree. Their job at the show was to put on the best performance they could for the crowd. After watching the documentary, I believe they were...
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    Amazon deals thread

    I picked this up and it just arrived. Unfortunately, it's just a solo 22" bass drum. Not even a 24". So back to Amazon it goes.
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    Choice between 2 splashes

    Yeah, I dont like either of those splashes. Sabian AAX Max splashes or HHX are very nice. I also like Sabian AAX aeros a lot or you can go with the ozones if you want something trashier like that Oriental (but more musical).
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    Lightweight, Small Kit Needed

    I would buy a cheap 22/16/12 kit and cut the B/D and floor tom in half to make them capable of nesting. You could likely fit a 14x5.5" snare and the 12" rack tom in the 16" floor tom. With the nesting kit you dont even have to remove heads or anything. Just pop the brackets holding the two...
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    Single ply on batter and double ply on reso?

    I have a set of black dots as resos on one of my kits. I don't think they really cut any sustain but I think they have cut some if the overtones.
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    Single ply on batter and double ply on reso?

    I've heard less mass is the key to shorter sustain, not more. So something like an Evans Reso 7 would likely get you closer to what you are looking for. If you want to reduce sustain and control overtones as well, you could but a set of Drum Tacks and stick those on the reso heads. Much...
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    Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap

    It's a Pearl multi-wire strainer from their concert/orchestral line. It has 3 different sets of wires you can turn on and off.
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    Best cleaner/polish for painted (matte) finish on wood drums?

    I use Pearl's drum polish on all my kits, cymbals and hardware. Doesn't matter if they are lacquer, oiled, wrapped or matte finish. It all comes out looking like new. Does a nice job on cymbals as well after a cleaning just to out a little protection over the metal.
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    Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap

    I built a snare using this wrap. The only company I know that uses it is Pearl.
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    Did You Ever Own a Kit (or single drum) You Never Played, Even Once?

    I bought some snare drums back when I was mid-move and they immediately went in to storage. I finally moved in to my new place and have set up some of my kits, but the snares are still sitting there having never been played. I have a few cymbals like that as well. Find a good deal, buy 2 with...
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    Way OT - Looking for credit card suggestions

    My favorite CC right now is my Capitol One Savor One card. 3% cash back on grocery stores, dining and entertainment. I figure I buy food all the time, so why not get 3% back. Also came with $250 in rewards points if you made purchases of $2500 or more in your first few months, which is pretty...
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    DW Rail Mount

    I had one on a Collectors kit I had. It worked and held solidly, but the one thing I would recommend is that you get it mounted right on the top of the bass drum. Don't have it offset to the hi-hat side. The problem I had with where DW mounted it (offset) was that the whole armature had to be...
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    How does one make thick shells?

    In order for a 13" shell to fit in a 14" shell tightly, your 14" shell already needs to be 1/2" thick, which is probably a 15 ply shell to begin with.