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    Slingerland model #135 COB Radio King - Done!

    Yes, Chris. Yes I do.... :laughing6:
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    Can Anyone Help Me Find a Ride Technique Video?

    Listen to stuff with Elvin, Blakey, Max Roach and Tony Williams to start. Or YouTube stuff of them. Bill Stewart is always an intersting ride cymbal player, as well.
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    Coated reso heads

    I play the Attack thin coated heads for resos. Like a Diplomat coated, only a little brighter and livelier. The coating actually calms them down just enough.
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    Slingerland model #135 COB Radio King - Done!

    That snare would look nice with a white marine set of R K s. :happy11:
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    I.S.S mount choke!

    The ISS mounts came first. Since there were problems and they had LOTS of complaints, they created the OptiMount. This was during a time when the RIMS patent was still protected. Basically, back when people were still playing Pearl drums in the studios in Nashville, (including me,) the ISS...
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    Favorite Old Soul Tunes

    ACE: It's the same track. Two different artists. Sonny Stitt, (long time jazz player,) signed with Golden World in Detroit, (Golden World/RicTic/Wingate). They tried to use tracks from records that they had success with to get Sonny an instrumental hit. Didn't really work.
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    Favorite Old Soul Tunes

    Johnny P.O; Thanks, brother! For those that mentioned Edwin Starr: Notice anything about these records?
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    Today's roadside pickup (Leedy/Ludwig)

    James Walker: You can save that tom shell. It will take glue and a bunch of clamps, though. Sam Bacco could do it for you, but he is pretty busy these days, so it would be slow....
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    I.S.S mount choke!

    Yes. bas design. When I was a Pearl artist, during the ISS mount years, I just gifted them to Fork's and bought RIMS mounts for all the toms. The difference was huge. The difference between an OptiMount and the Rims mount, on some drums, is pretty substantial as well. That's just my...
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    Here's one you don't see every day

    I owned a couple of bass drums in the 80s that i got directly from Pearl. They were covered in the white flash material. i used them as my live bass drums with RPM in 82 and 83. I sold them, but don't remember where they went. The shells were red Crystal Beat shells.
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    Maxing it out - should you "go big" sometimes?

    Just do what you do. Play what you are already comfortable playing. Do what works for the band or artist you are playing with.
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    jazz drumming ... secrets revealed ? Like to hear your comments !!

    Thanks RonDrums51! May we all never grow up. Some of the best jazz advice i ever got was from my Dad. (And i studied with some great jazz drummers, like the wonderful Alan dawson, for example.) One day (practicing at home with just the B3 and drums,) he stopped me and said. "Swing Harder."...
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    older Gibraltar flat based hi hat stand a rant...

    The association with Gretsch really has no effect. I could explain, but that is a different post. I have been a Gibraltar endorser for 27 years. I still have some of the original hardware from 1986. And my stuff has been set up and torn down literally thousnads of times going from studio to...
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    LEGEND kit

    Keep them as original as possible. Nice drums.
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    On my way to score a beauty! She's home!!!

    Nice Chris! Now you need a set of R Ks to go with it. Oh, you've probably already got them..... :laughing2: