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    If not for MAPEX would be my #1 -

    LOVE those Chandler snares. Congrats!
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    ******************* SOLD *******************

    I bought this as part of a thin/medium/heavy hi hat trio kinda thing so I’d have options, and lately I’ve found myself just using the thin and heavy, so I’m letting this one go. Put it on top of, or below, your existing 15” cymbal for quick and easy hi hat pair! HHX hammering, relatively low...
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    Ludwig Supralite Head Recommendations

    +1 for the CS Dot. Pair it with an Ambassdor Hazy and some Canopus wires for maximum effectiveness, plus a Snareweight M1 for a bit of control. That's exactly how I set mine up years back, and it's been one of my best sounding snares since.
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    What was that brief 2013 Vinnie Goes Ludwig About?

    I hadn't heard this story specifically, but I’d heard a more general version of it, namely that his quick departure had to do with the not-so-consistent quality (read: series) of kits that were available to him when he showed up at different venues around the world. But as a disclaimer, this is...
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    Best Quick Release Cymbal Nuts

    The Trick toppers get my vote, but the Tama and Mapex ones are nice too.
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    Desert Island hi hats

    14" HHX Legacy hats.
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    Vic Firth Discontinue MJC4?!

    All Modern Jazz sticks (along with countless other skus) are temporarily suspended due to supply issues. They should be coming back someday when if things get ironed out.
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    My kit has shipped! From Pennsylvania?!

    Hoshino USA is located in PA. Everything from overseas lands there first.
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    I found that the choking of the tom depends on the Bass drum mount.

    Dave Mattacks once told me of trouble he was having with his Yamaha base plate choking his rack tom and that fitting rubber gaskets on the mounting bolts helps alleviate it. I can attest to both: the choking and the fix. Outer mount plate, rubber gasket, shell, rubber gasket, inner plate...
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    Best Mic for Bass Drum (internal)

    D6 mounted inside has been working for me for years. Nary a complaint from any sound guy.
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    Gretsch employee picture/count

    Yup. They’re decidedly a very small operation.
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    Lightweight, Small Kit Needed

    Love my Midtown kit. Those drums are punchy and full, easy to setup/break down, and comfortable to play. I’m sure the Inde is lighter, but the price difference is pretty serious. My top 3 recommendations for light and easy load-ins would be Midtown, Safari, or Club Jam. (A Catalina jazz kit...
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    Tama S.L.P Snares List

    God I really hope that’s what it stands for. Finding out that Tama has been secretly marketing the “Girth Maple” snare all these years would just make my day.
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    Tama S.L.P Snares List

    Here's a list for ya! On Tama's site as of October 2022: Big Black Steel 14x8 Black Brass 14x6.5 Bold Spotted Gum 14x6.5 Classic Maple 14x5.5 - Super Maple Finish Dry Aluminum 14x5.5 Duo Birch 14x10 Dynamic Bronze 14x4.5 Dynamic Kapur 14x6.5 - Black Kapur Burst Fat Spruce 14x6 - Satin Wild...
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    SOLD - Zildjian 22" Oriental Series Classic China, 2121 grams - SOLD

    Crap that went too fast. Was totally gonna jump on that if I’d had a bit more time! Ah well….