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    Iconic Drum Intro's

    But also....
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    Iconic Drum Intro's

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    First time I ever saw DC live was with Niacin. Not surprisingly, they tore the roof off the place.
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    Zildjian 21” Big Band Ride Cymbal

    Gerry at Hazelshould posted one of these recently. Not sure if he still has it, but it's probably worth reaching out!
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    Recommend a hardware bag that takes throne

    The Ahead Ogio bag (any size) will certainly fit a full throne along with the rest of your hardware (depending on how much you use), but I've taken a slightly different approach that breaks up the weight distribution: My hardware bag holds the throne base, and a 14x14 floor tom bag holds my...
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    GMS Drums - still around ?

    Not to mention, GMS has been around for quite some time now. They had a three letter name before having a three letter name was cool.
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    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    I had my eye on those. Nice grab!
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    Ultraphones vs Remote Audio HN-7506

    +1. I was very displeased with the audio quality of the Ultraphones when I bought them a few years ago. Quite muddy. I also wondered if something was wrong with my pair too, but I sold them to a friend who didn't seem bothered by the sound at all, so I never investigated it further. I...
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    Uh sale at Zildjian?

    Good way to avoid ending up with all flat rides!
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    Famous Drummer's View

    Probably easier to maintain a consistent sound (i.e. not having to tune two drums to sound the same), maybe a feel thing too. Just speculating. But you know that if it's all for looks then there's gotta be a mic in front of that left side bass drum that's routed to nowhere. :laughing6:
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    Famous Drummer's View

    I was never much of a Stones fan, but man it takes balls (or at least, good monitors) to play an arena that size with just a flat ride and an inverted china. Respect!
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    How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?

    :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6:
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    Aluminum Floor Tom Legs...More resonant?

    Seems a few people are confusing resonance with sustain. I'm not sure the OP meant he wanted the legs to help the floor tom sustain longer, but rather to help the shell resonate more freely, i.e. to vibrate and 'speak' to its fullest potential when struck, which theoretically a lower mass leg...
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    Thoughts on 24" Ride Cymbals

    I've found that microphones are very kind to Agops. I have a handful of Agops, and I've grown accustomed to their acoustic sound, but I fully admit that they sound 10x sweeter under mics. Condenser mics seem to dial down just the right amount of overtones and the occasional dissonance that I...
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    ********* SOLD **********

    Sorry, no, that's sold.