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    Advice Needed: How to start gigging

    Depending on your area and how viable the music scene is, open mics can be one of the best ways to network with other musicians. Search your local bars/venues on Facebook for open mic/jam events. While you're on Facebook, search for local musician groups (often listed by city). Check ad...
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    Sweetwater Music..

    Sweetwater also offers an extended warranty free of charge.
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    So what is the typical length of your gig?

    I mostly play in bars, which are all 4-hour gigs. Pay is set regardless of the number of band members, usually $300, with a few paying up to $400. So the more members a band has the more it averages down the pay. Other gigs: car shows, farmer's markets, festivals, etc. Wide pay range...
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    What spare stuff do you bring to the gig?

    My Beato snare bag has a separate compartment for spare heads, so batter & reso heads go on every gig. I have a small bag for my HH tambourine, piccolo tom, ice bell cymbal, etc. It has zippered pockets where I keep tools, flashlight, non-contact voltage meter, bass drum reinforcement patch...
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    Bob Welch "Ebony Eyes"

    Interesting that at about 1:28 into the video the drummer struck the crash cymbal from underneath.
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    High end hi hat stand recommendation?

    My top pick is the Tama Iron Cobra Lever Guide. It's one of the smoothest, sturdiest stands I've ever used or owned. I've also been very happy with several models each from Yamaha and Pearl. They're all very durable.
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Agreed. The Crown is what most top live sound engineers recommend.
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    OT Lougheed Martin F 35

    I've been around fighter jets for over 30 years and I never get tired of them. A former coworker was flying this one.
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    Jenkins-Martin vs. good wood shelled drums: Need serious reviews and comparisons

    I agree with much of what has already been written. I love how the drums sound, look, and that neither heat nor cold seem to affect tuning like wood drums. If I had one minor complaint, it's that the spun fiberglass shells are on the heavy side. It's certainly not a deal killer. In fact, I...
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    Drum Mixer

    IMO the only reason to use a small mixer for your drums is if the FOH board doesn't have enough channels. That's it. I suppose you can make the case if the "sound clerk" totally sucks at the job and you want some control on the balance of the drum mix. But then, how would you know what it...
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    Rogers Hihat on Ebay

    JP2 Creations in Texas makes hard to find/no longer made drum parts. Jim made a Rogers cup seat flange bushing for my old Rogers HH stand and it fit perfect.
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    IEM personal amplifier?

    Other options to consider: Behringer Powerplay P1 or the Powerplay P2 IEM amplifiers. I have not use either, but hear good things about them from other sound engineers.
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    Competition in Music ?

    I think it's human nature to compare and contrast, but often it can be handled an immature way. For example, those who build themselves up by ripping into others. The way I look at it is simple: music is an art and we are all at different levels in our journey. I always look to learn...
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    Asking to be a drummer...

    I think it's important to operate on a high ethical level. There can be lasting consequences if you don't. I would never make known my desire to fill in or assume the drum position should it become open. What I do instead is get to know the bands and support them when I can. I play out with...
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    Lightweight drum set recommendations

    The lightest drums I ever held are Baltimore Drum Co. maple with billet aluminum lugs. Next, probably Tempus f/g so long as the heavy coffin lugs are replaced with tube lugs or something else that's very lightweight.