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    Flat with rivets

    I bought this locally, sort of out of pity. It's a big beautiful 22 from the 70s and has 20 holes drilled. Yikes! I've never tried it with rivets because it sounds great without. Was told by the seller a previous owner (a country drummer) had it filled with little bolts.
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    Booker T and the MGs (Al Jackson playing Gretsch.) Green Onions live (1967)

    This right here I think is my favorite.
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    You're Welcome

    Came with the family collection of vinyl. Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, the sleeve was empty.
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    What's been your experience meeting up with strangers as potential bandmates?

    Oh wow, this thread brings back a particular memory. This was early in my Craigslist browsing so I didn't know any better. Showed up for an "audition" that was actually more like a party and I was unknowingly part of the free entertainment. Guitar player was an hour or more late. Their...
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    The Other Premier Project

    Just wanted to update this thread in the wake of KO's recent glorious transformation of his Premier kit. I know I loved it. I tried the reproduction mahogany duroplastic wrap and didn't like it. I waffled on a color choice/design for a while thinking I'd go traditional and then um....went...
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    Any Premier 252 users?

    Love mine! Very fluid! I have the strap drive version but switched the worn out strap for a more stout piece of leather so the action I get is probably between strap and direct drive in that regard. And they can be had for little money!
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    Premier Project

    Spotted this Reverb listing today and can't help thinking this looks very similar to the old Beverley Oyster Wine wrap. Similar, but not. I didn't know anyone was producing this pattern of wrap. https://reverb.com/item/58086688-ludwig-classic-maple-12-14-20-3pc-drum-kit-vintage-pink-oyster
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    Premier Project

    Mine were glued only around the edges and seam.
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    Premier Project

    Some of the wraps available from China look interesting. A couple look like maybe they'd be close matches to the old Premier oysters but it's impossible to say without samples. The colors of these examples look close but these are likely an onyx pattern rather than an oyster.
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    Premier Project

    Here is my idea of what a "Premerley" would look like using the ebay mahogany duroplastic wrap. It's an interesting look. The colors sort of vary depending on lighting and the light caramel color swirls can sometimes appear orangey. Like other digital wraps, it looks pretty good from a few feet...
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    Let's See Those Brass Snare Drums! (now updated with totals by brand... so far!)

    I assume this was one of those NOS Slingerland shells (Musicyo era?) that someone assembled with some decent hardware. It uses extended wires. l think those were called Super Sound Kings?Man, it's crispy! But throaty at the same time.
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    The Other Premier Project

    Beautiful! And two floors! Was the kit international sizes?
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    The Other Premier Project

    So I ordered a piece of the imitation wrap from ebay. Took about a month to arrive from GB. Box was a little beat up but the wrap was fairly protected within a roll of blank stock within a roll of bubble wrap. I decided to try a small piece for a snare first and ordered for a 5.5 x 14 snare. It...
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    Favorite drum wraps finishes ??

    Lately I've been digging Beverley Grey Silk and Premier Mahogany Duroplastic.
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    The Other Premier Project

    Just wanted to share and ask for some info in case anyone else out there takes on a vintage Premier project. This is the Americanzed version (also Beverley) with split lugs known as the Powerhouse. Mahogany shells with beech re-rings. Anyway after removing the old black duroplastic, note the...