Too Many Drums - NAH!

<p>I've been playing drums for&nbsp;over forty years. I still enjoy it. I really love the vintage stuff because I remember when it was new!</p>
<p>I also enjoy vintage cars. I've had many collector cars these past thirty years; all have been products of the Ford Motor Company. Nothing in the garage currently, but I'm looking for a cool car; probably a 1957 Custom Tudor sedan, a 1961-'63 Galaxie two door sedan, a sedan delivery, or ...who knows?</p>
<p>Most of my working career was spent in the automotive parts business. Life is certainly good. Still have my first wife (29 years and counting!), good friends, good health and a few bucks in the bank.</p>
<p>I enjoy this forum and the camaraderie it promotes.</p>
Nov 25, 1963 (Age: 57)


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1975 LA Camco "C-500" in Moss Green Stain - 22/12/13/14/16/18 w/ 5x14 matching wood snare
2001 Taye "StudioMaple" in Natural Maple - 22/10/12/13/16 w/5x14 matching wood snare
Too many snares to list - 7 in addition to what I have listed above
Too many cymbals to list - 1 - Dream crash / 5 - Sabian crash, hats, ride, splash / 1 -Tosco ride / 1 - Zildjian crash