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    Finally finished the Kents

    The "rookie mistakes" you made are certainly not obvious to me. All I see is a kit that was lovingly restored by someone who truly cherishes them. They're beautiful and turned out great; you should be proud. Thanks for sharing and enjoy them. I'd love to play them and hear how they sound. I...
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    Roc n Soc thrones

    Hey Tony, I think the Roc-n-Soc is an excellent choice. I've had one for years and it still keeps going. I have the nitro model. I like it for the convenience of easy adjustability. The stand itself takes up no more room in a conventional trap case but the seat itself takes up a little more...
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    New DWs on the way!

    That's not only a beautiful looking shell pack, I'm sure they'll sound great! DW makes great drums, as I'm sure you know. I love the wrap color, the lugs and the bass drum T-rods. They make the kit look vintage. Enjoy them and thanks for sharing with us. I'm sure that, like me, other Forum...
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    1930 Ludwig & Ludwig New Era model snare drum

    Hey, Mark, Beautiful job on a snare I've never seen before. I appreciate the clear heads so I could see exactly how this rare piece of percussion history was actually constructed. It looks to me like Ludwig & Ludwig was way ahead of their time with this model. Out of curiosity, what was the...
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    Gretsch Round Badge Makeover - Before and After

    I always love a vintage kit restored back to playable condition. Nice work. They look and sound sweet! You can be proud of the work, time and effort you put into these beautiful drums. BTW, I love the sound of your six-lug Gretsch aluminum snare. I also have one and use it all the time. A lot...
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    Source for Die Cast hoops

    I recently bought a set of Gibraltar hoops for a project workhorse snare I use all the time. Beautiful hoops - high quality all the way. Got mine from Musician's Friend. Since Gibraltar and Gretsch are now part of the same parent company, new Gretsch drums also use these hoops. A definite sound...
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    the old "whats your set up" revisited

    I always like topics where we can see what other drummers are using for their gear. In the case of cymbals, I think that's almost more a personal preference than the drums themselves. After experimenting with dozens of different brands, sizes, weights, etc, the set-up I currently have pleases me...
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    OT: had to put one of our Greyhounds down today

    I'm truly sorry about your loss, Rich. Dogs and other companion animals are truly a blessing. They love unconditionally and ask little in return. Unfortunately, they never live as long as we hope. It seems that rescue dogs somehow know they were saved from a horrible life when good people like...
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    My website finally up and running. yay!

    Hey Steele, Very impressive work you do there, mate! The website looks really good, too. Easy to navigate. The only suggestion I may humbly submit is to add some more commentary to the photos - perhaps things related to time-to-do a certain phase of a restoration, how the kangaroo heads sound...
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    I thought this was great.

    My neighbor banged loudly on my front door at 3:00 A.M. this morning. Can you believe it? THREE A.M.!!! Luckily, I was still up playing my drums! It's always good to have a laugh. Everybody have a great rest of your day. Tom
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    Best way to move a large pile of expensive drums across the country?

    I once bought a nine-piece vintage Pearl fiberglass kit with all the hardware from someone in Chicago. I'm in the Denver area so shipping was my only option. The seller did not want to ship anything. I asked if he'd at least take them to a local UPS Store or FedEx-Kinko's and he did. Once at...
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    Refinishing a vintage Camco with lacquer

    Hi Stefan, Thanks for the helpful advice. I know this will be a process of a lot of trial-and-error, but the results will be worth it. Seeing the grain through the stain is a novel idea which I don't recall ever seeing on anything but my LA Camco drums. It's actually quite beautiful, in my...
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    Refinishing a vintage Camco with lacquer

    Hey guys, I need some advice on finishing an LA-era Camco drum in Moss Green Stain. I took the shell to a friend who has a cabinet shop and he was confident he could replicate the stain but so far, no luck. The problem isn't the shade of green (which he matched perfectly) but getting the stain...
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    Finally finished building/assembling my Rocker kit

    Hey Ben, Nice job, man! It's always nice to see a kit that was once suffering from many issues brought back to life again. Knowing that you did it yourself is also a great source of pride. I really like the hue of the red wraps - very classy. Continuing the "dialing in" process is always great...