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    OT-Thinking about a used Miata

    I had a 1996 Miata for about 12 years. Drove it across the country three times - no joke. Never had a problem with it. Fantastic reliability and a blast to drive. Could have used a bit more power but was still a lot of fun.
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    Talk About OT: What's the Farthest You've Ever Traveled From Home?

    I don’t understand people who willingly choose not to travel. It’s like reading one book and then saying, “Nope, I’m good. I don’t need to ever read another book. This one is fine.” So many things to experience, so many people to meet, so many adventures to have. The furthest for me was flying...
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    1960s Era Ludwig Burgundy 12”, 16”, and 22” Drums

    Bump! Still looking
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    Gretsch Brooklyn Kit. 24,16,14,13

    These are great drums! I have a set and they are fantastic, especially for the price.
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Slingerland snare from 1959 just never makes it into any situation in which I am playing. Number 2 would be a 2018 Ludwig Bronze 6.5X14 snare. It is a great drum, but I think I already have most of the sonic ground covered by this drum with my Black Beauty and my 402. I definitely prefer the...
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    1960s Era Ludwig Burgundy 12”, 16”, and 22” Drums

    Thank you. I have a 13” but I’m looking for the other sizes I mentioned. Please let me know if you run across any more.
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    1960s Era Ludwig Burgundy 12”, 16”, and 22” Drums

    Looking for 1960s era 12”, 16”, and 22” Ludwig drums in burgundy sparkle.
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    Dan's FedEx Damage claim Update - DENIED

    There was a post on Instagram about the guy who repaired the bass. Austin Drum Company or something like that.
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    Gretsch - Brooklyn, Broadkaster or USA Custom?

    The USA Customs were played with two bands- small piano jazz trio (mostly playing stuff from the Real Book) and a singer-songwriter. (Think along the lines of John Mayer but a with a bit of 90s rock thrown in.) Most of the time I played unmiced and in low volume situations.The lack of depth and...
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    Gretsch - Brooklyn, Broadkaster or USA Custom?

    Are you specifically asking about the Broadkasters? Or all of the drums? I have owned these lines from Gretsch over about a 12-year time span, so the bands I used them with were quite different.
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    Gretsch - Brooklyn, Broadkaster or USA Custom?

    I have owned and played all three of these lines from Gretsch. My take: Broadkasters I loved the bass of the Broadkaster drums, but the toms were lacking presence and depth. They were absolutely lost in the mix of a band, regardless of how I tuned them. In my opinion, these drums are a...
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    In 2008, I was playing an Ayotte wood- hooped 5.5x14. Nowadays, I play a beat to hell Ludwig 402 or a Craviotto.
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    Mod Orange Questions

    Just wondering, who has the best psychedelic red wrap?
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    Mod Orange Questions

    Believe it or not, the mod orange actually appears to be subtle compared to the psychedelic red. Crazy!
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    Mod Orange Questions

    I love both mod orange and the psychedelic red finishes. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anyone gigging (when that was actually happening) playing reissued versions of either of these.