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    My new 16" Remo Coated Ambassador won't fit my Slingerlands!

    I agree. Most likely SS knockoffs.
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    5.5x14 vintage fiber snare drum case

    I've got an old case that I think is circa 1940s or 50s. 15.5 x 15.5 x 7" outside dimensions. Sticker on inside of lid reads: The House of Quality, Chicago
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    Slingerland value

    part 'em out!
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    I am speechless............

    Wow, speechless is an understatement.
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    Is this a 100% Slingerland snare stand?

    looks like a Ludwig flat base 1400
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    Need name for a wedding band

    No Divorce
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    Do you solo, don't care to, or can't?

    very tasty groove.
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    Aquarian Super 2's

    I assume the Super 2's are two ply. what mil thickness are they? Currently have Am Vintage on my 60's Slingerlands. Anyone using the Super 2 on vintage kits?
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    Rogers and Slingerland fans relish the term "glitter"

    Thank you! Rich brings this up religiously. We know Slingerland catalogued only "sparkles", but in order to distinguish the two types of sparkles used over the years, many of us use " glass glitter". Mea Culpa.
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    Unsure that these are early 40's Radio Kings

    Amazing. great job on the cleaning.
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    Unsure that these are early 40's Radio Kings

    looks too white for a 70+ year old kit. Re-wrap?
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    Looking for set, 22,13,16, maybe 18 and matching snare too.

    Considering Vintage?
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    '59 Transition badge Super Classic - Complete!

    awesome find. hopefully they weren't sitting on a concrete driveway!
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    Slingerland parts wanted

    I have everything except the wing screws.
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    Slingerland snare worth it?

    ratchet strap will work and will be gentle on the shell.