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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Agree. Even closer to my eyes is an early pre-split Istanbul. Lathing, hammering, etc. looks very close. In any event, it’s a beauty.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    19” thin trash crash. All other details left up to Matt.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Got a new one in the works from Mr. Nolan. Here’s a progress shot.
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    OT: Proof That God Loves Us

    C’mon! Cubbies! (And wine.)
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    OT: Proof That God Loves Us

    Nice try, Ry.
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    Bass head recommendations for 60's ludwig

    Smooth white Emps both sides.
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    All sound nice and quite different. In this setting I prefer the Paiste Trad.
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    Modern stands with vintage cymbals

    I find that it’s not the metal post diameter that’s the problem, but those giant plastic sleeves. Take those off, put on a layer of very sturdy tape, viola, any cymbal fits.
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    OT: What's for dinner?

    Looks great K50. Nothing special for dinner tonight here, but in about 8 months, I’ll be cooking a bunch of meals to pair with Pinot Noir. 1/4 ton -> 30 gallons. 12 cases more or less. Very nice Carneros/Sonoma fruit. Any other winemakers out there?
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    HEY! What about 6.5" STEEL snares? Any users or opinions?

    My sentiments, exactly. These can (sometimes) be found for cheap and are excellent snares. Heavy die cast rims, great hardware, ... They are quite loud, but I put a calf head on mine and it tamed it beautifully.
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    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    On any given day, I have a favorite. Today? Bettis. Yesterday? Old A’s. (Really thin ones) :) Last week? Nolan! Last month? Paiste Masters (Medium Ride, BlueBird). Sh*t, those things are dark. More ancient and Turkish than the ancient and Turkish. But to pick ONE favorite ...
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    What is your preference: 18 vs 20 kick drum

    Both sizes “sound” fine. You can tune them up, tune them down, no problem. An 18 tuned low and mic’d up can sound BIG if needed. I prefer 18’s for ergonomic reasons.
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    NCD - Istanbul Agop Xist Dark Crash

    The phone compression seems to be altering the sound a great deal, but I can imagine that one sounding very cool. If you get a chance, could you record another vid with the phone across the room and the phone volume way down?
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    Big Funch package arrived! So of course I demoed them.

    Great. All three very different and all three sound excellent. Kudos to Lasse for making such nice stuff and to you Mark for making it happen.
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    New custom for one of our Brothers...

    Wow - that’s a lot of hammering. Gorgeous. The last 20 I got from you, Matt, has similar dense, deep hammering and it is growing on me by the day. It hasn’t left the stand in months and may never.