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    Paiste 602

    As good an all-purpose cymbal as there is. The thinner ones excel in acoustic music, the heavier ones shine in slightly louder settings. They’re wonderful. They can come across as a tad “vanilla”. And in an era where technicolor and novelty is the order of the day, they can be overlooked...
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    Any Studio One users?

    I don't use the video, so I'll be no help on that. Also, I never get into BUS, Sends, etc. All my tracks are (by default) output to MAIN, and that's fine for everything I do. In a nutshell: 1. Add a track for the background music. (Keyboard shortcut "T".) 2. Song-Import File. Browse for...
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    Any Studio One users?

    Yes - make a stereo track for the backing track and import it. Once it's in, you can create new tracks for anything else you want to record over it. I missing the template issue. I record on Studio One all the time and have never made or used a template. Edit: Feel free to PM me and I can...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Please follow up when it arrives, curly. That looks great.
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    Any Studio One users?

    Wolf nailed it. Make a couple tracks, import in your backing track(s) (mp3, WAV), then make new tracks for recording new stuff and go. There may be other ways but this is very easy and works perfectly.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Yikes I'm not sure where you live (I'm in NorCal), but just to be safe, can you alert me before you slam the bell on that so I can go inside and shut the windows. ;)
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    Cymbalholic - The Lost Chapters

    I believe Ptrick saved it. Hopefully he can chime in.
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    OT - What was the best "golden age" decade in music?

    Speaking in decades ... 1735 to 1745. Bach, Vivaldi, et al brought baroque to its apotheosis. 1785 to 1795. Mozart and Beethoven in their prime. 1915 to 1925. Stravinsky, Shoenberg, Strauss et al cracked open the tonal code. But on topic ... 1952 to 1962. Bebop matured, the modernists...
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    Tony and Elvin. Modern Rides. What Would They Pick?

    Hmmm ... Elvin? I could see him sounding spectacular on Paiste Masters. 20” Dark Ride on the right, 20” Medium Ride on the left, and 20” Dark Crash-Ride far right. Tony? Modern K’s/K Cons. 22” Medium Ride, 16-18-20 Crashes.
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    Jazz hi hats? What are you playing currently?

    My old A's are pretty thin and definitely not "loud". Low-pitched, splashy, and sit nicely in the music. I have 14" hats, too and while they are perfectly fine, they are higher-pitched and a bit "quick". I like the lower, slower feeling of the 15's.
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    Paiste 505 bottom hi hat cymbal 14”

    Nice cymbal for a great price. Makes me wish I played 14's.
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    Paiste t20 Prototypes - still have yours?

    The sticker says T20.
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    Jazz hi hats? What are you playing currently?

    15" old A's - 60's New Beat top (975 g) over a late 50's BAND cymbal (1150 g). I use these 99.9% of the time and they work for virtually any style of music.
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    Mixing up your toms

    When the feeling hits ... yes.
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    When you find a good Dream...

    I went through a handful of 20 and 22 Bliss about 15 years ago. They were all good to very good, one 22 was spectacular. At the time I had two 22’s, one around 2350 g, and one at 2525 g. A buddy wanted to buy one so I told him he could choose. Of course he chose the spectacular one. Argh...