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    Vintage Paiste 602's

    Yep - that's the one. In the unlikely event that I decide to unload it, you'll be the first to know.
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    Vintage Paiste 602's

    29xx g An old iPhone recording
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    Vintage Paiste 602's

    In a world of technicolor, trends, and endless attempts at perfection, 602’s stand apart as “just good enough.” I’ve owned some 602’s. Two remain, both pre-serial - a thin 14 HH top and a medium-thin 23. I love them. The 23 in particular is sublime (if a bit vanilla.)
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    tips on developing a wide/loose swing on the ride?

    Agree with all the above about confidence, relaxation, emotion, ... For jazz "feel", I really liked spending a little time with the Blackley Essence of Jazz Drumming book.
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    Your favourite rack tom size

    9x13. I play a “bop” set but with 13-16. I like that I can tune them up and still get a little more oomph than the 12-14 I used to play.
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    Playing along to records

    I agree it can be a very useful tool. I did this A LOT growing up, and it created an issue for me. I learned to rely on the timekeeping of the record and didn’t really focus on developing my own time feel and my own confidence about the time. It took me quite a bit of hard work to gain that...
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    Bob Dylan Carrying a drum

    That's an old 14" Gretsch RB tom he used to carry around the village so he could tap out some drum patterns to accompany poetry readings. And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn. I have no idea.
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    Anyone Playing All Older A. Zildjians?

    Interesting CW. I've had only one 18" Trans Stamp - thin at around 1350 and it is absolutely perfect as a crash and very nice as a quiet little ride.
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    Anyone Playing All Older A. Zildjians?

    I use old A’s quite a bit. When my beloved Nolan’s aren’t up, it’s almost always old A’s. Here’s a shot from a recent session. 15” old mismatched A’s 22” paperthin Trans Stamp 20” Bettis (I originally had a 20” thin 50’s Large Stamp here but swapped it out last minute) 24” paperthin 60’s A...
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    Playing along to records

    This is what I was thinking, too. I've been doing a lot of metronome work lately, just an iPhone app playing through the phone speaker. The only way I can really lock into the pulse is to play BELOW the click volume, which compared to the drum set volume is a whisper. It's not easy at first...
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    Repair crack in bell?

    Unless it's rattling or buzzing, I wouldn't attempt to fix it. If it is rattling or buzzing, I'd drill both ends with a very small bit, then gently file out the crack to about 1/32" gap. I agree that any drilling this close to the hole is asking for more trouble.
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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    I have a 22-12-13-16 set of Ludwigs from ‘67. All the quality issues that people have mentioned are real. But, I cannot make them sound bad.
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    I should have guessed GC can't tell Zildjian from Zenjian.....

    I have some 14” (actually 14.5”) Zenjian band cymbals from that era, also quite heavy, but they’re so dark they actually work pretty well as hats for louder settings. They also make excellent bottom hats with a thinner 14 on top. Overall, very cool cymbals.
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    With some long tension rods, it fit just right.
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    Here's my response from yesterday that I forgot to post. --- Sounds nice. A balanced sound. Fairly wet. Nice bell. Comparison? That's tougher. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me it was anything from a Paiste Big Beat to an Avedis.