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    Cartoon Theme Song

    Here’s quickie video mix of my group in a recent session.
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    I have a mate who swears he's seen a drummer play four on the bass, five on the snare, six on the hi hat and seven on the ride. Is this even possible?

    I love it when a drummer can keep a pulse going in one part of his brain, while freely exploring other (arbitrarily dissonant) rhythms in some other part of his brain. It can really open up the music. The 4-5-6-7 thing is a means to an end. It’s doctorate level “circle on the stomach, tap the...
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    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    Nice. I appreciate the simplicity and restraint of a one-cymbal gig.
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    Help with a simple versatile cymbal setup

    Any of your cymbals seem fine. 13 Mels are soft and buttery, 18 A Custom fairly bright, 20” Bos a bit dark. I’d pick the one you like most and build around that. Of the three, what one is your favorite?
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    Help value a vintage Zildjian Istanbul cymbal.

    I’d say that’d put it at the upper end of the expected price range.
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    Help value a vintage Zildjian Istanbul cymbal.

    I would weight it. Guys generally want to know if they’re getting a “ride” or a “crash” weight.
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    18” rides?…..who loves ‘em….who uses ‘em?

    I don't like the ergonomics of an 18" ride. Haven't, probably won't.
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    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    I usually switch things up regularly, but this setup has stuck for quite a while now. I'd bring this set to any gig. 14" Paiste Proto hats 20" 2002 Flat 19" DE Crash 21" Masters Medium Ride 21" Sig Light Dark 18" DE Crash (with a bunch of metal removed, trashy)
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    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    Tony. Nobody. No. Body. Sounded remotely like him. Either with Miles or his later “fusion” style, he was immediately identifiable.
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    Studio Build

    I know jack about air flow. But ... Everybody needs a break after a couple hours. Just swing open the doors, step outside and have a smoke. By the time everybody's ready to reconvene, viola, new air. Am I wrong?
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    I don't know exactly what you're asking. Where are the mic's? Where are you proposing to put the filters? Thx
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    There are genres that are "easy" to play. Blues, Rockabilly, Rock, Pop, etc. What is not easy, is playing them very well. It's easy to write off lots of music because on the surface it seems overly simplistic. I've been guilty of this for decades as it relates to (almost all) Pop and Rock...
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    Doing a sub for a blues gig this week... oy

    I like these tips! If there are stops, be on the lookout for a last second panicked look by the bass player. No stops, just keep going!
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    Neil Peart's badassest fill

    I think that's called Didacts and Narpets.
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    Comparing two 22" Agop Traditional Jazz Rides

    The 2600 is particularly nice.