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    What’s your favorite part of a drum set?

    Hi-Hat It can be my anchor on 2 and 4; it can add accents; it can add color and texture; it can imply a different time than the rest.
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    Joe Farnsworth Remembers the Masters Series: Max Roach, King of Drums

    In the club: suit On the street: suit In his home: suit
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    What is a “small” crack to you on a cymbal?

    This best 22" on this forum:
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    How Do You 1-Up, 1-Down Players Tune Your Toms?

    In the video above, I explain that I typically tune to F-C-F-G for a 18-14-12-snare bop kit. It's not the exact notes I'm concerned about since it would be impossible to tune to the key of every song on a jazz gig. I've just found that being around those notes strikes a nice balance between...
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    How Do You 1-Up, 1-Down Players Tune Your Toms?

    I just made this video yesterday. It was just done on iPhone and is far from professional quality, but it contains my approach and reasoning.
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    Posted in error

    21 Light Dark Ride
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    Istanbul k zildjian WTF?

    Just for a point of a comparison, I bought my 14" New Stamps at the perfect weight of 795g / 990g for $600. No cracks or concerns. Signature fully visible under bell.
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    To those of you that have played Bosphorus Syncopation...

    I have a 20" Kerope (1968g) drilled for two rivets. Here is a sound file of the cymbal sans the rivets:
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    I've only brought feathering into my playing in recent years after discussions such as this and looking into John Riley's materials. Before that, my foundation was always my left foot. While the audible chick falls on 2 and 4, I've always had a "silent" motion on 1 and 3. That "silent" motion...
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    Agop signature 20" wanted

    I have a 20" Agop 30th (2069g). It's not a crash, but it has great stick and not too much wash. It's not too dark--a lot of character. Here is a clip:
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    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    Flat rides are to cymbals as AJ6s are to sticks.
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    Help me decide on Coated heads for my kit!

    Are you going coated top and bottom?
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    Zildjian Special Dry Talk...

    The Special Dry Crashes work great when played upside down:
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    Mixing Istanbul and K Cons?

    So perfect that you sold them?
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    Mixing Istanbul and K Cons?

    I just asked my 5-year old about mixing Zildjians and Istanbuls as he is becoming quite the cymbalholic. His response: "I would rather have a Zildjian and a Bosphorus. Ok, Daddy?"