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    Looking for agop flat ride

    hey mate...not an AGOP (all my AGOP flats are super oddball and LARGE!) but i have this amazing BOS that i was using for your exact purpose. this is the exact cymbal ^ ...but i found a few isolated clips from a recent session i used it on (i'm astounded but i'm not allowed to post sound files...
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    Hired gun question

    unfortunately that was a different (some read: better) era in record making. that was a time when labels like reprise would invest in whole careers (read: joni mitchell, jane siberry, etc), not just a record or two. in addition, and i throw myself under the bus here as well, there are/were...
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    Iron Keplinger

    YUP...and at a GREAT price, but i thought it sold ¿?
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    Hired gun question

    this has obviously been beaten to death, but having had a substantial enough career making records i need to reiterate the also obvious: being a sideman/hired gun is a SERVICE industry...job entails serving the artist and most importantly the song. if the artist or producer have a 'thing'...
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    Iron Keplinger

    i'm not sure gK is keen on selling direct anymore, but there are both 8 and 10 lug version here:
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    DW Collector’s Copper snare 6.5x14, lowered price

    i feel that way ALL the time...about a lot of 'once i owned that' drums :( i'd be tempted, but...
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    DW Collector’s Copper snare 6.5x14, lowered price

    that looks strangely familiar, 'cept for the lugs!!!! :p REALLY versatile drum...much more than you'd expect...
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    UFIP Spizz cymbals

    i bet they'd make a great pair of favorite hats are my roberto-made 16.5/17's...big dark boat anchors that work perfectly given their job!
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    WTB: Old Stamp Ks

    thank you mate!!! i say play that 'card' as freely as you like :)...i may have a 20" old stamp that i might be willing to part with...has a 2" lathe crack that hasn't budged in 15 years...not super light, more 'jimmy cobb' weight...
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    bosphorus black pearl 22 for your jazz ride

    hola... whatever became of this? ¿traded? sent you a pm a few weeks back...
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    SOLD---$675 Reduced Keplinger Black Iron 5x14

    it's like the ole adage...'if you have to ask....' these drums have to be played to be fully understood...kep's genius, although massive, is still (remarkably) under the radar :( this woulda been mine but i've realized i really want an 8lug 4x14 w/ straights n clips
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    Snare drum >> 8 or 10 lugs?

    i can't say id swear by the 'science' of it all, but with every snare i've ever had...20's - present circa...8's tended to sound more open and played 'loose' (for lack of a better terminology!) while 10 lug drums, while more precise in the 'note tuning', for some reason sound/feel...
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    Promark MJZ-11 sticks

    ¡dude! so sorry for such a tardy reply...i did look high and low and while i found a coupla pairs of MJZ sticks, none were 11's and they were all unworthy of passing on with a clear conscience. bummer, i know. you should really investigate frank kincel's LAbackbeat sticks...he has a wide variety...
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    SOLD---$675 Reduced Keplinger Black Iron 5x14

    i can't believe 'elvis' hasn't left the building...i'd kill for this drum, save the fact that i've no extraneous scratch and you're not entertaining trades... :(
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    Sold- 1980 9000 Yamaha FT-916T Timpani Floor Tom MIJ $500 OBO

    i actually have a 14" pedal floor tom in real wood w/ my kit from '78...not at all like the meazzi (which i've also owned)...much smoother/better engineered! my hollywood was constantly in need of tinkering and tlc :( although they come up now and again, i've found these yammies can be hen's...