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    one mic on two toms

    You can also just get a "Y" splitter and use two individual mics, both going into the one channel. I did this when I was playing a double bass kit in clubs where the soundmen only had limited gates/channels and they were just used to drummers having 4-5 drums. I sometimes did it with my two...
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    Buddy rich Eleanor Powell drum tap number

    Unbelievable! The amount of talent that these performers had is simply mind boggling.
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    FS: Istanbul agop 30th anniversary 22” ride

    What's the weight?
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    Did Reunion Blues discontinue leather stick bags?

    The Reunion Blues bags last a lifetime. I am sad to hear that they stopped making their flagship product. Another one bites the dust...
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    Wanted: Zildjian Kerope Cymbals

    Anyone have some 15" hats that they want to sell?
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    Wanted: Zildjian Kerope Cymbals

    Wanted: Zildjian Kerope Cymbals. Let me know what you have? PM me.
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    You seem to enjoy making counterpoints to points that I never made! I never said that a solid drum shell was superior to a ply drum shell, but I did say that, perhaps, a solid shell drum may have some special considerations that aren't much of a factor in ply shells. For instance, solid shell...
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    Help with Ayotte.....

    Is Ayotte actually still in business? I haven't seen any new product in probably 15 years. What's the story?
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    The perceived idea being that a single ply, steambent shell has memory and wants to be a flat board again. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might be a load too heavy? Maybe not? A ply drum is certainly inherently more stable than a solid shell steam bent drum, don't you think? Certainly, a solid...
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    Wanted: OCDP Bell Brass Snare Drum 6.5x14

    I am looking for an OCDP Bell Brass Snare Drum 6.5x14, also known as Orange Country Drums & Percussion.
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    Victor Indrizzo!

    I have just recently discovered Victor Indrizzo and his genius for always playing the right part for the song. Not only that, but also getting the right sounds in the studio. This guy has played with everyone over the past 25 years (Beck, Chris Cornell, Dave Gahan, Sheryl Crow, Daniel Lanois...
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    I agree, Dan...I never had the nerve to drill and hang toms off of any of my solid shell drumsets. I think that single ply solid shell bass drums have some special considerations and I wouldn't do it either.
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    They are all different, but I love them pretty equally. At that level of quality, I find that they all sound pretty great, but it's a matter how "feel" the kit feels and inspires you to play. I've got some pretty amazing Ludwig kits that are pretty amazing as well. Drums are...
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    After many years of not having toms mounted on bass drums, I have gone the other way and I much prefer having the mounts right on the bass drum. I notice zero difference in terms of sound, tone, resonance, but I much prefer having the toms on the bass drum, especially with a very flexible tom...
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    Lost Neil two years ago today.

    It's so profoundly sad that Neil didn't get more time. Two years goes by so quickly...