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    Glynn John’s miking...... Ez and it works!!

    You need 3 large diaphragm condenser mics to do this properly. Lots of options out there, but you can bet that Glynn Johns used three Neumanns. Three U87s would be killer, three U47s would be even more heavenly. Still, you can get a nice sound with other large diaphragm condensers.
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    Iron Keplinger

    Someone here on the DrumForum has one for sale. Do a search.
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    The Top 25 Scandinavian Drummers Of All Time

    Kenneth Odiin from TNT who played on the album "Intuition." What a fantastic drummer, highly underrated, played some of the coolest licks and grooves I've yet to hear surpassed in that genre.
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    Daniel Wagner's (Greta Van Fleet) set up

    I think you mean Dick Wagner? Played on Aerosmith records, Alice Cooper records, KISS records, Lou Reed, etc...
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    Stones live in 1975

    Now, that was incredible! Damn!!! The sound of both Keith's and Ronnie's guitars is out of this world. World class!
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    Cravioto.....why no love here?

    To the OP... CRAVIOTTO!
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    Cravioto.....why no love here?

    I think that there is plenty of Craviotto love here. Here's kit #41, possibly the first Black Walnut Kit JohnnyC made that was hand delivered to me by the man himself back in 2007. This kit has some of the prettiest Black Walnut woodgrain I've ever seen and some of the deepest, purest tones...
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    wanted - MINT, Pearl 6.2X10 Mike Mangini aux snare

    I have a 5.5x10 Brady in exotic Cherry Gimlet high gloss lacquer with a RIMS mount if you are interested.
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    Mark Craney - Jethro Tull

    Mine arrived yesterday! WHAT A GREAT PACKAGE!!!
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    OT: I've retired!

    Good for you! You have worked very hard to get to this, enjoy the fruits of your labor and chill! Excelsior!
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    No Qurter Jam Live 1975

    This idea that Bonham slowed down towards the end of his life is nonsense. He was a fire breathing dragon at Knebworth in Sept of 1979. He was playing better and better as time went on. There's just never been anyone like him since...
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    Mark Craney - Jethro Tull

    Thank you!!!
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    Summit Drums Curly Maple Travel kit

    That's my favorite combination. They will sing just beautifully.
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    Summit Drums Curly Maple Travel kit

    Gorgeous shells! Like "WOW" gorgeous shells! Congrats, brother!
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    Box for a 24" BD?

    Dan is 100% correct.