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    Steve Maxwell drank the Kool Aid

    WOW!!!! the rug as well!!!!!
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    Steve Maxwell drank the Kool Aid

    Good morning! I drank the kool aid as well....always wanted a phonic kit, steve smith/phil rudd/etc.... A couple years ago I found a 79' in the bigger tom sizes that I like, 13/14 rack, 16 floor and 22 kick.....Incredible, just I got 2 more in the same I'm looking for a...
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    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    I used on with Reba and with Ronnie was the post a few years back about the drummer with Christopher Cross and his Sonor 18 that made me consider it. With Reba it was a Gretsch with Ronnie it was both Gretsch and Taye....they all sounded great. Merry new year everyone!
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    "Turn Me Loose" Loverboy

    I loved and still love this band! A couple years ago we opened for them at a yearly RV dealers convention. It was us, then Loverboy and Train closed out the eve. It was fantastic, all the same guys except the original bass player who passed in the late 80's(?). When they came on nobody in the...
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    Friday Five Fer: Jellyfish

    The second guitarist, Eric Dover, had a killer band after Jellyfish "Imperial Drag"....pretty cool. BigBonzo, they didn't "appeal to the general population" that's why they didn't hit.... Happy Saturday, cheers and blessings everyone! Trey
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    Copyright infringement sticks

    maybe Johnny D knows....I know Vic also does higher end kitchen stuff, salt and pepper things, that kinda stuff, or used too.... didn't mean to hijack, sorry....
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    Copyright infringement sticks

    I thought the early Vic sticks were made by the early Vater family? I used to get the bundled oak sticks from Universal, 5b/5a wood tip...I'd take them to open jams...they were from China too I believe
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    Anyone know Bill Detamore/Pork Pie???

    All right...heard back from Bill. He kind of remembers the kit, wants the name of the seller, but said those are indeed Tama and NOT PP and to stay away..ha! Since I sent a message to the seller as well hopefully he will soon know that these aren't legit and he should be careful trying to pass...
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    Anyone know Bill Detamore/Pork Pie???

    Thanks for the replying...I thought it was odd as well. I'll send him an email. Thanks again!
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    Anyone know Bill Detamore/Pork Pie???

    Good morning fellow drummers... I've always have been intrigued about Pork Pie the sound, love the lugs and the logo...because of that I'm always looking on Reverb to see if I can score a used kit. Soooooo, yesterday I came across a kit on Reverb. Here's the link...
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    !!!REDUCED AGAIN!!!Sonor Prolite Nussbaum Finish

    bump for price reduction...$1500....cheers and blessings everyone!
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    Paiste Fomula 602 22" Modern Essential China

    Here's a great deal on a very cool cymbal! $350 plus $25 for shipping in the lower 48! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    OT (kinda): Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll/Life

    I love both that book and the movie. It was very funny when Keith talks about Chuck renting his own amp, back to Keiths' production company... Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    John Douglas TCR interview

    My kit is around 2:20 in the first video....he's a great guy! cheers and blessings, Trey
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    *SOLD*DW 9000 Cable Hat with 2' and 8' cables.

    Purchased this used last summer and never even put it up. Comes with both 2' and 8' cables and bag. Paypal preferred. $200 plus $25 shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking, cheers and blessings, Trey