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    Studio drummers a dime a dozen now. I had no idea...

    you'd be surprised...hope you're staying well in all this. Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Drum company names

    Me too Dan...
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    Buying and/or selling equipment with no gigs in sight

    I'm getting ready to dump a few kits, snares and cymbals...maybe I should list them as symbols hahaha! Hope everyone is doing well. Cheers and blessings Trey
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    Thoughts on Sonor Delites? Edit: NEW KIT DAY

    nice kit...not to hijack but cool way to store your pies!!! nice
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    Pro-Mark Sticks

    sometimes a few friends, and myself, play a little harder in arena shows. It's just the excitement(?) of it, or in my case nervousness ha!...I was just using that as an example
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    Pro-Mark Sticks

    yeah, the wrap takes some getting used too, and it's not all the same. the promark wrap to me is the best, almost "spongy" feeling...even when I use my ahead sticks I wrap them with the promark wrap...the other wraps seem to be thinner in my hands, which I'm sure is better for some people as well.
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    Pro-Mark Sticks

    I was using this based on my own experience playing arenas...and I said I've NOT broken a stick playing with bad technique over 3 shows but have broken a stick warming up for a show...Maybe I wrote my statement wrong...sorry, it's the coffee talking.. now, with pro mark, has anyone else notice...
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    Pro-Mark Sticks

    c'mon, that's just a silly statement. It really depends on the type of music you're playing etc etc....I've had a pair of wood sticks last me 3 arena shows playing very incorrectly and with bad technique and I've had a wood stick break when I'm playing softly on a snare drum to warm's...
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    Celebrating my 5th. Anniversary !

    Congrats!!! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Andy Newmark

    great songs...also take a listen to ABC's "That Was Then, But This Is Now"...crazy cool 80's track, took me a week to wrap my head around it and I still can't get it...big cheers and blessings
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    My Sonor Phonic home kit...

    Nacci that's a great point. I kept seeing a couple kits pop up in the 13, 14 rack 16 floor and 22 kick config. Totally not what I was thinking I wanted. Then a buddy traded me an old Premier kit in the same sizes and I fell in love with them. So I grabbed my first kit. I now switch the 13 and...
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    My Sonor Phonic home kit...

    Thanks for the responses! They are indeed 79's per the stamp, all my phonic kits, 3, all came to me with the backwards bass drum. I've never moved them around. I've got a buddy who always busts my balls about that too. My black kit is a 78' and my oaks are 81's per the stamps. That's a Ludwig...
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    My Sonor Phonic home kit...

    Here's my Copper Mist Phonics 13,14,16, home kit, same kit in black out with Reba and brooks and Dunn and an oak finish in the same sizes at my "proper" studio...hope you enjoy the pic! cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
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    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    I know I'm gonna sound like a douche' but what the heck.... You can not watch and just listen, to this new track or to any of the new Journey with Steve back on the throne for the past couple years and it "sounds" incredible....but...I miss the old arena/stadium acts where the drummers...