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    Show us YOUR hat ..... :)

    here's one of my favs...... Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    In ear monitors, who uses them? Recommendations?

    Hey, I stopped using the in ears and went to cans, the vic firths, almost 10 years ago, much more bottom end, but I don't put drums in my ear just another option looking in too...have a great turkey day!!!! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Evans hydraulic coated snare head

    I like the coated Hydra as med/med low....the pinstripe is a much livelier head than the the signature DeJohnette head, to my may have to tap a couple to find the most open....but today's pinstripe are not a dead head at all Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    10x14 birch tom

    Hey guys and gals looking for a 10x14 birch tom....any brand, the cheaper and beat up the better...thanks in advance! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Questions about joining ASCAP/BMI

    If you haven't already, check out SEASAC as well....good-luck! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    For those who like a little rock with their country.....

    Thanks for all the kind words!!!! Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    For those who like a little rock with their country.....

    Enjoyed this, hope you guys do too...... Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Phil Collins and ABBA

    I think he produced it as well....????
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    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    No matter what the gig, nervous every time...especially when pals are in the crowd..... Cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
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    Anyone using a flat ride???

    Thanks for the responses guys!!!! I'm gonna dig my 20-2002 flat ride out and try it.... Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Anyone using a flat ride???

    I was looking at an old Charlie Watts thread and it got me thinking about flat rides.....anyone using one as their main ride??? Cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
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    SOLD - 20" UFIP Exatic Series Light Ride with FREE Cymbal Bag, Video Inside $175.00

    I know this is a real long shot, but, you still have this cymbal? Thanks. Cheers and blessings, Trey
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    Ringo Starr and Dave Grohl Talk in a Bathtub. Rolling Stone Is There

    thanks man!!!! awesome....cheers and blessings...
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    "Dont Say No" Deep Cuts BILLY SQUIER Friday Five Fer

    wow!!!!! I've seen the one from CA(?), same tour...this ones so much better...thanks so so so much!
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    Your Favorite Stick Bag

    I just purchased 2 of these from Sweetwater...simple and sexy! Have a great weekend everyone.... cheers and blessings, Trey LM Products 1985 Reissue Vintage Leather Drumstick Bag - Black