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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    That’s a common opinion. But we have a 1998 VW with 70k miles that has spared us that adventure. No problems to date. Fingers crossed.
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    Best Hardware Manufacturer - Poll

    I have had hardware from every company on that list except Mapex. Only DW and Ludwig have failed or been defective.
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    your favorite rides for latin music

    Good suggestions, all. My first thought was a mid-century 20” A ride.
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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I have owned six German cars and all have been reliable. My other cars were OK but lots of little things. Value is subjective. I love my German cars and am prepared to pay for the service as it is required. For me they are worth it, but I totally understand the logic of buying a Toyota or...
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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I understand. I have four German cars. It's no secret that repairs are expensive. It needs to be considered when contemplating ownership. Seek out independent service techs in your area.
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    Slingerland+Diplomats=Happy Drummer

    I do have a lighter touch - these days. Working on developing a better touch. LOL
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    Slingerland+Diplomats=Happy Drummer

    A couple of months ago i replaced the tom heads on my Yamaha MCA kit with clear Diplomats (top and bottom). Toms are very responsive, have a nice a soft feel, and a nice round resonance. They don’t have the attack of a coated head, but that’s no surprise. I was surprised at how different it...
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    Cover songs - how do you play them?

    DJs always play it just like the record. Are you a musician or not.
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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    I have two cars with manual transmissions. Like drumming you need to develop your touch and smoothness, and timing. And learn to anticipate.
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    Russ Kunkel

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    Ed Soph - Motion Studies, Sound Associations

    Good stuff.
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    Rick Laird

    Bassist for Wes Montgomery and John McLaughlin; Buddy Rich and Billy Cobham. and Judy Garland. A life well lived.
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    Drum design flaws— double down

    And I have come to think that the 5 lug design is why I love their 8x12 toms so much.
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    Chick Corea Roy Haynes cymbal

    I had my first gig last weekend since the pandemic started. Great to play with others again. I hope you are back in action soon.