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    Drum design flaws— double down

    And I have come to think that the 5 lug design is why I love their 8x12 toms so much.
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    Chick Corea Roy Haynes cymbal

    I had my first gig last weekend since the pandemic started. Great to play with others again. I hope you are back in action soon.
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    Chick Corea Roy Haynes cymbal

    Ha! I’m sure there were some raised eyebrows.
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    Chick Corea Roy Haynes cymbal

    I am looking forward to using it on an acoustic jazz gig as I think it will sit nicely in the mix. While I have used flats for a long time, of late I have been using them as my main ride. I think it has to do with my old ears and the lower volume levels at gigs. Lovely sound anyway. FYI the...
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    Chick Corea Roy Haynes cymbal

    I picked up #35 of the 250 last week. I have played flats since the 70’s - mostly Paiste (602,2002, and Traditionals), but also Sabian HH, Zildjian K, and a Soul-tone. My impressions: Nice cymbal; clear stick as you would expect, less wash than I am used to with most of my other flats, and a...
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    Gave up on modern drummer

    We have a superior resource here.
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    What will DW do with old Slingerland endorsers?

    This isn’t like landing a man on the moon. Others are already making Slingerland drums for the most part. Plywood and metal bits...
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    What will DW do with old Slingerland endorsers?

    All of it depends on DW actually producing a Slingerland drum.
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    Hiromi - Steve Smith & Anthony Jackson

    He reminds me of Jo Jones.
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    Does Your Taste In Drums Reflect Your Taste In Shoes?

    My drums are much classier than my shoes. But similarly prized for their functional performance above all else.
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    Does your taste in drums reflect your taste in cars?

    Fun to compare notes on this. I have a gig car and a gig set. And garage queen cars and studio queen drums. Silly, I know.
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    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    #1) Yamaha MAC: 14x18, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14, 6.5x14 Others: Inde: 12x18, 8x12, 14x14 - idea gigging kit for acoustic jazz; wish the bass drum was 14x18, but great sound and portability Gretsch: 16x20, 8x12, 15x15, 6.5x14 - wonderful kit; wish the bass drum was a 14x20 but can't complain about...
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    Keith Moon strikes out at the Record Plant

    So why didn't Dino play it- he's a great drummer.
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    Thoughts on 24" Ride Cymbals

    If you like a 24 play it with joy and exuberance
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    How Things have changed since 1967 - Ludwig

    In 1968 I bought a 1967 pink champagne Club Date kit with Acro for $300. Used, but spotless. Funny how those old catalog pictures are still burned into my memory.