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    Flat Bearing Edges?

    I had a John Grey kit that had basically flat edges, was just ok sounding. Sold it.
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    1975 Tama Royalstar Drum Kit?

    Paging Tama CW...
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    1. All Youtubers who overplay 2. John Stamos 3. Rikki Rockett 4. Lars 5. Dude from Dokken
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    What's Up with Acrolite Values ?

    Funny you should mention the complete student kit (snare, case, practice pad, stand and sticks). I just sold one of those for $400.00 (77'). It was the complete package, in super nice shape. It can be hard to get a complete kit, usually it's just the snare, maybe case, maybe the stand, and...
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    Masters of the Groove Thread!!

    Yeah, I prefer Jamal. Plus, live is always better.
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    Masters of the Groove Thread!!

    This guy gets it. Looooove Jamal Thomas. Here's a video of the live performance. Check out 6:00... Here's a cool video of him with his own band, years later. He's actually a great singer as well!
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    McCartney Drummers

    Yup, on here, now and again.
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    soft drumming vs hard drumming

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    McCartney Drummers

    Whitten is a beast.
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    Sexiest song of all time nominations

    This. I'm pretty sure Pino's playing on this track is responsible for many babies.
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    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    I'm having flashbacks of The Buddy Rich Drum Co...
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    Manu Katché & The Scope - Bag’Show 2019 - part 1

    Always been a huge Manu fan. Has a style all his own.
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    scammers are ramping up. they want your stimulus money.

    Hey! Mine cost $199.99 :(
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    Another Road Trip! This time for an XP8!

    Hmm, no. I thought it was a XP8, re-wrap, you put Rogers script badges on it, had a 24" kick...I swear it was you.
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    Another Road Trip! This time for an XP8!

    Didn't you sell a XP8 kit not so long ago?