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    Is my progress on the slow side?

    Another thing to consider which is what I would do for a song like this is to give traditional grip a go. I personally have better control (and sense of space) with traditional which allows me to give a tiny bit more attention to what my right hand is doing in complex passages. I also like the...
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    Sad to see your hero take a back seat to someone else...

    They are making the most of the brand while they still can. Steve has looked like that for 10-20 years. The guys should properly retire and enjoy life. That said, Drama remains my favorite album and one of the top 5 concerts I've seen out of many.
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    That little Jeff Porcaro mistake in Dirty Laundry

    Too much time cooped up?
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    Do your band mates notice ?

    Or a click track!
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    Why are modules so expensive?

    Honestly, this is a market waiting for disruption. Unfortunately, the market isn't large enough for the disruptor to do it justice which is why we see mediocrity at ridiculous prices. Buy used and trigger VSTs if you want the best available.
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    Kit advice: ELectronic drum kit

    @masterofnothing For about ~15-20 years I played nothing but Roland V-Drums, TD-8 to TD-12 to TD-20. I've heard the sounds of newer generations of TD modules and would still today buy a used, perfect condition TD-20X and either used pads or triggers over the over priced, underperforming...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I've been on a Dream Theater binge of late.
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    Step up kit advice

    Change the resonant bass drum head to a straight Pearl labeled one, change the heads on everything else (and tune them properly) and invest the rest on good cymbals. Sure, a new drumset may sound different and one with a certain brand might make you feel better, but the end result is going to be...
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    You can have only one kit for the rest of your life - what do you choose?

    I'd buy my Yamaha Birch Absolute Nouveau kit again. Yamaha brass and copper snares which I own. Everything is going to be very personal. I have a full set of Ks that I still kinda rotate in and out and would prefer larger sizes...22 > 24, 18 > 20, etc.
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    Snare Suggestions?

    I'm in the camp suggesting brass. I now rotate between Yamaha Manu Katche brass and Yamaha Copper both with die cast hoops and both with unique sounds. Copper has a drier sound and I tune up quite a bit and is more tame while the brass cuts like a knife at all tunings. I keep wanting to add a...
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    Sweet K 23"... any thoughts?

    I'm curious if the drummer's position isn't perhaps the worst place in the world to assess a ride cymbal. I have a 22" K that I landed on after going through a ton. It doesn't sound so hot while I play it but it does when someone else is and I'm across the room or downstairs. It sounds like the...
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    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    Red or blue sparkle are equally sexy. Go figure, my Yammys are natural. Several years back, tried to buy a set of blue sparkle Yammys off a guy who I think is a member here and just couldn't quite get to a price we could both live with...the one that got away.
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    Judas Priest "Unleashed In The East" Friday Five Fer

    IMO one of the best sounding live albums particularly when cranked up!
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    Think my wife'd notice ??

    Yes, she will. You will be shoe shopping for the rest of your days. My ex-girlfriend would go around my music mancave trying to add everything up. She got close. Notice how I said she was ex-.
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    My Yammy's

    I dabbled in V-Drums for 20 years. All I gots now is my 6 piece Yammy BCAN set with choice of copper or brass Yammy snares. The e/V-Drum companies still haven't produced adequate sounding modules without triggering VSTs. Too complex and too many points of failure for playing live.