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    Happy Birthday Jim Keltner!

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    Happy Birthday Jim Keltner!

    Amazing drummer, amazing feel, amazing human being. So many great parts, it's hard to choose just one. Hats off to Buster Sidebury!
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    Which throwoff would you rather have?

    P-83 all the way, if that's not possible, P-85. BTW- agree with Loss 100%.
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    Rebeats Chicago Show: What are you bringing to sell/trade, looking for, or displaying?

    JC, officially 'no',, but you can sell what you want to whoever you want outside the venue.
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    Ludwig Black Oyster Keystone value

    JP, I think a fair offer would be a grand. As K.O.said, the premo prices are for a Downbeat or Superclassic. I'd let him know that retail, your looking at 1400 or so, but selling can be a pain over the web, shipping, 1099's, etc. Just my 2 cents...
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    Rebeats Chicago Show: What are you bringing to sell/trade, looking for, or displaying?

    Post any of the above. I'm looking for a Thermogloss 'Ritchie' set and bringing a bunch of snares for sale or trade. I'll post my snare list after I've decided which of 'my preciouses' I'm bringing. Might also be bringing a 60's Super classic set if I can get the dang nickel polishing completed!
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    RIP John Burks, my Dad

    Cauld- My sincere condolences. I've read your dad's work through the years and he was a talented writer, but sounds like he was an even better father. As an aside, have you thought about publishing a comprehensive collection of his work?
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    Chicago Drum Show May 21st and 22nd

    Dan, you bringing anything for display?
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    Chicago Drum Show May 21st and 22nd

    DFO will have a booth. Think of it as a respite. We'll have chairs, water, (okay adult bevvies), displays, etc. Be sure to stop in by, sign in, and look for postings for DFO photo shoots. Kat, Donny, Craig and I will be there!
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    Long time Forum members survey

    We need to bring back, when all is clear, regional Forum Fests. CPJ started the trend in Indy but we had them all over the States. DFO-ers would all get together physically to swap stories gear, etc. Bill, Jr., came to a couple in Indy, pros would put on a clinic, we'd have jams, etc.
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    Got myself a 50th birthday present

    Congrats Bijan. I'm going to get one...someday. Beautiful.
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    Long time Forum members survey

    I also think about the members we've lost along the way: Bongojimi, Tommy Wells, Rogersguy and several others. Tommy, a real pro session guy out of Nashville, (Google him), was a wonderful human being. Always giving a helping hand, cool to talk to, and a fab drummer. Not that all we lost weren't.
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    Long time Forum members survey

    Been here since the beginning. Seems like ages ago. Glad to see we are still thriving and kudos to Ben for keeping us going. Chris took over when Harry was done, just to keep us afloat. Ben came in when Chris got tired of all the riff raff stirring up the pot and, literally, saved our skin...
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    Gretsch shells being made at DW?

    I'm sure DW will do things 'right' to the best of their ability. Growing up about 35 miles from Jasper, IN., they will always be the 'really real' deal to me. I'm anxious to hear the new USA shells, not having had a chance yet. Most reviews have been positive.