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    Which cymbal topper do you use?

    Historically, Tama (which I STILL like), until I went to DW hardware. Currently, the DW wingnut with the felt attached. (Perusing thru here, I saw mentions of a quick release DW with the felt attached... I didn't know those existed. Gonna have to order me some of those...!)
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    OT: I need to lose 40 lbs

    Here's my story... I'm just a tick under 6' tall, and have a slender build. 5 years ago, at 47 years old, and I had hit 190 lbs. FAR too many weekends of drinking too much beer and eating garbage, and not adding ANY physical activity (other than regular gigging). High cholesterol and sugar...
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    Your favorite cheap pedal

    Another vote for the old Tama Flexi Flyer here...
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    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    I've been playing for 42+ years... and I have a LOT of vintage kits... (it's not 'hoarding' if your stuff is cool!)… and I LITERALLY picked up my very first red sparkle kit about 2 months ago. Pal of mine owns a music store. I walked in, and he said "I'm glad you're here - I was going to call...
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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    I haven't even read thru all the responses here... but as for me, I'm a sucker for a Supra. I prefer Ludalloy over brass. I've got 6 or 8 of 'em... but for many years running now, I have a 1968 400 that gets 99% of my attention. It's just got a mojo about it, and it does everything I need it...
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    Conway Slingerland

    Lord have mercy... (*drooling*)
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    SOLD Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel

    PM sent...
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    Reso head recommendation for Kickport

    Hey guys- Gonna put a Kickport on a kit (had one laying around that I bought a year or two ago and never used), and looking for a reso head recommendation. All I've used reso-wise for years have been Aquarian Regulators - but I read that Kickports work better on a non-premuffled head. I'd...
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    1968 Ludwig Acrolite Snare 5x14" Excellent Condition! SOLD

    Is this one date stamped?... and if so, what's the date?
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    SOLD - Low boy beaters

    PM sent on the metronome...
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    Price check and info... Premier aisle...

    A pal of mine (with a music store) took these in on a trade. He shot me over this pic and asked if I was interested. I've never owned a Premier kit and know very little about them. I AM diggin' the color and sizes of these. Sizes are 22/10/12/14. I haven't gone over to check 'em out yet...
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    Price check - 60's Slingerland aisle

    Hey guys-- A buddy of mine is thinking about grabbing these and asked my opinion. I went and checked them out... and they're NICE. Very dirty, but otherwise very NICE. (Frankly, I almost doubt that they ever left the owner's house.) From the SN's, it appears to be a factory matched kit -...
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    Gretsch Catialina Maple any good?

    You're right, Eddiej -- and I wanna think that I remember seeing them down around $650 myself... and I was awfully tempted...!... Now, that being said, I'm a reasonably new Gretsch convert. I've had a (new) Renown kit for 2-3 years and it really sold me on Gretsch. Since then, I acquired what...
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    Price check - Rogers (Cleveland) aisle...

    Additional 12?... I don't think there was. My Cleveland kit is identical to this - just WMP - and I bought mine from the original owner.