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    SOLD Locally Late 1800’s Early 1900’s

    What work does it need. Brand on top ridge’s badge? What are you looking for in the Leedy? (Era, size, shell material, etc. )
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    Pad work before kit practice

    with all due respect, here are my responses to your reasons: 1) Any amount of practice on a non-instrument vs. an instrument is going to develop unmusical habits 2) see 1) 3) Take your kick foot off - or adjust beater angle until it’s buried in the head - when warming up.
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    Are Drum Cases Necessary?

    Another plus for soft bags (depending on how thick they are): the kick pillow can stay home, while the bags can stay out of sight.
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    Are Drum Cases Necessary?

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    Aquarian Modern Vintage Drumheads

    Don’t be ridiculous MG. He was wearing urine sunglasses.
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    Ludwig Copper Acrolite?

    Holy Craprolite!
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    My double strokes suck.

    ^ | THIS
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    I think I have a problem... But is it really that bad?

    Acquired over 20 years; when it came time to move I had three sets (one is a 12-pc CF) and over 100 snares. Slowly selling now; hope to someday get it down to “just” a set or two and a couple dozen snares. At the current rate it will be finished by whoever handles my “estate”!
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    $40....yes, $40. Sold In minutes.

    A few years ago, when I was building snares, I was glancing through the PennySaver or Recycler and saw an ad saying “Snare drum shells. Raw, never finished. Single-ply steam-bent maple. $2 each.” I called right away, figuring some mis-print. The woman who picked up said no, they were her...
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    Eric Moore- Get Your Freak On

    He’s got chops, no doubt about it. No idea if he can groove though. Interesting, this piece he chose, he switched roles with the rest of the band: he’s playing all interesting parts, while they’re stuck with the mindless monotonous repetition.
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    Ludwig Copper Acrolite?

    Ooo, I’m sorry sir, you’ll need to come down to our basement showroom for that information...klomp klomp klomp *oomph!* ~thud~
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    Is Ludwig missing the boat on Acros?

    Welcome to the lot, sir! Now what kind of beauty can I put you in today?
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    Drum wrap turned moldy or discoloured?

    Ooo, it’s rewrap time. You’re never going to get rid of all that discoloration.
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    Is Ludwig missing the boat on Acros?

    Not the first time Luddie has screwed the marketing pooch. In the ’80s they went from #1 to #0 in field drums because designs changed and they never caught up. Their low-end brass snares use different brass shells than the BBs but still chew away at their market. Sounds like they’re doing the...
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    Finish Matching

    I would pay an antique wood furniture finisher for advice, even if I end up doing the work myself. Those guys can do anything.