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    Tom above hats? and other unusual setups

    this is an old setup of mine. 8” and 10” over the hi hats and another 10 next to it. My current setup has rotos and splash cymbal over my hats.
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    How do you put together your cymbal setup?

    I play mostly hard rock... -14” Zildjian master sound hi hats. Just bright and loud enough to be angry but not overbearing -10” Zildjian A custom splash. Super bright and self explanatory -19” Paiste formula 602 modern essentials crash. This is a great all purpose crash that gets loud without...
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    If you could only afford one quality section on your kit....

    Put some good cymbals on a cheap kit and it will make the whole things sound great.
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    best decision you ever made drum related

    I once answered an ad about a Ludwig travel set... I ended up walking away with a seven piece mahogany legacy set, in head triggers, some new cymbals, drum heads, a throne, and the original travel set all for $500
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    Maybe a thin, meinl byzance dual crash?
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    FIXED.... Roto toms stuck in track

    Why didn’t I think of these! Thanks guys the heat gun helped to loosen it and wd40 got it to turn.
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    FIXED.... Roto toms stuck in track

    I have a set of WJM 10” 8” 6” roto toms that I’ve been trying to rearrange on the track they’re mounted on- the same track that came with the drums. But when I tried to turn the handles that held the rods into the track they wouldn’t budge. With quite a bit of force I was able to get one to turn...
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    Evolving cymbal set-ups (how about yours?)

    Started off with an 18 inch crash, Hats, and a 20 inch ride. After I got into heavier music I decided I wanted a china- played around with places to put it over the year but I ultimately decided over my floor toms was the best. After that I got into smaller high pitch cymbals and got 10 inch...
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Pdp chad smith 7x13 custom acrylic snare
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    Let’s design the ultimate drummer!

    Right Foot - Dave Grohl Left Foot - Thomas Lang Right Hand - Thomas Lang Left Hand - Benny Greb Composition - Larnell Lewis Musicality - Nick Mason Speed - Andy Granelli (Distillers) Groove - Benny Greb Feel - Steve Gadd Time - Thomas Lang
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    Your favorite albums to play to? Recommendations welcomed.

    For staying in shape in terms of drumming try these: Distillers: Marmosets: The drills...
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    Drum SET or Drum KIT?

    As far as kick vs bass drum, I always heard that it was labeled kick on soundboards to differentiate it from the bass guitar/stand up bass.
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    Need Help with a North Tom

    Ps. I got it from a guy in north jersey
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    Need Help with a North Tom

    Think I’m gonna go with the INDe mount and replace the Ludwig mount- might just leave the plugged holes as I’m pretty new to this and not sure whether or not I can take on a whole repainting projects.
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    Need Help with a North Tom

    thanks So much, I’ve been hearing about the INDe mount a lot