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    Ludwig Pioneer snare - year?

    Forgot to check the badge for the serial, was looking for marks inside. 1963 - thanks!
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    Glad someone brought this up. This is a cool cymbal, sometimes wonder if it serves more as an FX cymbal but how Stanton brings it into his smaller kit is very hip.
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    Ludwig Pioneer snare - year?

    Serial on badge is 6707.
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    Ludwig Pioneer snare - year?

    Magnet would be able to tell COB or NOB?
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    Ludwig Pioneer snare - year?

    Picked up a very clean Ludwig Pioneer snare from CL - any guesses on a year from the Ludwig historians on here? No stamps or markings inside but the white paint is surprisingly clean. The last thing I needed was another snare but the price was nice and I'm a sucker for a 6-lug drum. Also, finish...
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    What Is A Professional Musician

    This question will answer itself when the big client presentation and the big live gig fall on the same day, which they inevitably will. People who dedicate themselves to a life in music and all that comes with that lifestyle are professional musicians - the rest of us are something else.
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    Gretsch Brooklyn 12-14-16 merlot sparkle + aluminum snare

    Hard to deny that is one of the best sparkle finishes.
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    Removing cymbal logo paint?

    Wow, easier than I thought and funny dude. You think it is harmless to brighter cymbals like A customs?
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    Cluster crash is killer. I was choosing between that and the 20 Sweet crash and went home with the sweet. I think I made the wrong choice :(
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    I have a crash of doom and love it. It has a bit longer decay than what you posted, which is definitely cool. COD isnt as explosive either with more a low wash.
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    Wow...Steve Maxwell selling customers 20 year collection part 1

    Wow, that blue kit is a stunner. With the 24?! So fine.
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    How long till Ebay has Myspace type tumble weeds rolling around?

    eBay is a weird place to me as consumer. It is not for enthusiasts so you never really know who you're dealing with. The UX is clunky, the page is ugly and the messaging system is particularly awkward. eBay used to be a cool place where you can find anything you wanted, now it's more of a place...
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    Anyone owned a Stainless Steel Kit?

    Very cool. Silly question but were the shells gold in color or is that just reflections? If so, how did you change the color to reflective steel?
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    New Keith Carlock Signature Snare by Gretsch

    I think it could have looked cool with the dial throw off. Never owned a drum with one but always thought they looked slick.
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    Anyone owned a Stainless Steel Kit?

    Always thought the old Ludwig steel kits or new Q Drums ones seemed cool but you only see in bigger rock sizes. I'd love to see some fast toms in steel. Maybe they get too timbale like at those shallow depths?