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    might have finally locked down that Slingerland monster tom I have been hunting

    I used to have a monster Slingerland kit myself...good luck with yours!
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    Very moving tribute. Speaks volumes...if you still have your dad, make their day today. If you're the dad, leave a legacy.
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    Siros Vaziri "Chops, fills, and licks " videos SIAP...saw this series sometime ago and just pulled the trigger on Lesson 1 the other day. Easily downloaded all 100 vids to my desktop, phone, and iPad and was not disappointed. I love his teaching the video with drum tab on the bottom, play...
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    Cool Finishes

    Still gotta go with my favorite of all time...Rogers Tobacco Sunburst XP8's...
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    Pearl Mahogany drums

    I was fortunate enough to snag a Mahogany Limited Classic Edition kit off of craigslist about three years ago and was floored with the appearance and sound of them. Gloss deep red and genuine African Mahogany shells with depth for days. I have owned just about every major brand at one time or...
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    "Spinal Tap" Interview from a week ago... (Today Show)

    I have often said that Reiner had to have followed a real second string rock band around for about a year to get that much inside info. Every time I watch the movie i come away thinking "i know that guy!"
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    Removing Premier Resonator inner liners

    This would not be a permanent move but only done to remove a tom bracket from the shell. The liner would then be reinstalled.
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    Removing Premier Resonator inner liners

    Anyone here familiar with the genteel art of removing interior liners from Premier Resonator shells? i have read a few interweb descriptions but have yet to see a good video of the details. Any help would be appreciated.
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    What’s Up With Aerosmith Using a Fill-In Drummer?

    You sure that wasn't Phil McCrackin ?
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    New house=new drum room!

    Hmmmm...don’t see a thing I like. JK...looks fantastic! Beautiful collection.
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    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    We’re taking about 4 days...all day Saturday at the show, but we’re hopping Amtrak to Milwaukee as well to take in the Harley museum and ck our some micro breweries among other things. There is also a “Chicago drum history tour” you can take. Old Slingerland and Ludwig plants...gone but not...
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    AEROSMITH: "Rocks" (Deep Cuts) Friday Five Fer

    Arguably their best work. This came out about the time I started playing drums. So Kramer is a big influence on my playing rock tunes.
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    1940’s Radio Kings 13, 16, 26 *SOLD

    Is that mahogany interiors I see?
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    Question for Premier Genista users [90s era]

    matching 7" snare to boot! if I didn't have the turquoise kit I have now, i would buy in a minute. Gorgeous drums. Simple to tune and has a nice Birch attack.
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    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    I'm in for the first time...will be at the saturday show. Cannot wait.