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    Sticks and Mallets

    Everything is now gone.
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Traded a cymbal with member Dan aka dans1434. Had a slight hiccup with usps, but everything worked out. Great communication and solid guy. Thanks!
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    Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal & Hihat

    No longer available.
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    20" Zildjian K Constantinople MTH Jesse Simpson Mod

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    Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal

    Done. No longer for trade.
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    Pearl Eliminator Hihat Stand

    Done. No longer for trad.e
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    http vs https

    I'm having the same problem. I can only log in if I fully type out the https://. If I don't, I can't log in.
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    Copper Snare

    Sounds like it would be a pain to fix it. If it's not affecting the integrity of the shell, I think I'll just leave it be and play the drum as is! Thanks for the input fellas! -J
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    Copper Snare

    Hello All, I acquired a seamless Yamaha Copper Snare drum some time ago, and i'm really digging it. The only thing is, the shell has some oxidation/tarnish marks. It was like this when I purchased it and I know this is normal for copper shells, but... Was just wondering if anyone knew if it's...
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    TRADED! Please delete.

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    Items have been found, thanks!
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    SOLD! Gibraltar Flatbase Snare Stand!

    Unfortunately not.
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    SOLD! Gibraltar Flatbase Snare Stand!

    This one is gone!
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    DW 6300UL snare stand

    I got a gibraltar flat base stand if you're interested. $20 + shipping. Let me know. -J
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    Bump! 4 of these are still available. Open to offers!