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    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    I play a lot of jazz, also R&B, Classic Rock. I mostly use a 4 piece with 16" or 18" bass drum for jazz. Occasionally for the dance R&B gigs I will use a 5 piece with the two toms usually 10" and 12" on a stand facing directy to the front with the snare between them and 16" crash on the other...
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    MIJs - getting sucked up into collections?

    I ran across this Stewart set a couple years ago. 10 lug bass drum. 14"x22" 13" 16" 14" Snare. All with rerings. 60"s. They are in exceptional condition . Beautiful large flake Black Diamond Pearl. Sometimes I swear I see a purple hue to them. They sound great. I have used them on many jazz...
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    Buddy Rich drum tech??

    So i wonder if it was Dale in 75 that i helped when Buddy played at our high school. I let him use a couple of my mics for Buddys set. He was fairly well built, long hair to his shoulders, and a full beard.
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    Just sharing my latest find - Camco

    Wow, those are great. Going to be beautiful cleaned up !
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    Your first "pro" cymbal as a kid

    My first decent drum set was a Sears Whiehall, and a friend let me borrow a 16" A Zildjian cymbal that was from a pair of marching crash cymbals. It was thick and sounded great. He never played again and let me keep it. I used it for about 12 years until it burned in a club fire in 80, or 81...
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    Best product to seal a vintage shell interior?

    I once used the tung oil on a old PDP Eazy series set I had pulled the wrap off and refinished natural. That oil darkened the wood and really brought out the grain. let it soak in and dry a few days then I put 4 coats of spar marine polyurethane with a light sanding in between coats. They shined...
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    My newest Slingerland set

    Wow ! really beautiful. That Silver Sparkle looks great. I have some SS Ludwigs. I also have a couple Slingerland sets and the early 70's set is a Avante, and those shells are some of the nicest I have ever seen. That rock maple and thick rerings. Yours look stunning. Wish they had come up with...
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    What Ludwig kit is this?

    That's a good deal. Those rockers are I think 4 ply, bass may be 6. Maple poplar. I have a rewrapped Rocker snare shell. I put bow tie lugs and a p83 strainer on it. Looks like a jazz fest and sounds great. Those would look beautiful in a sparkle. Another two hundred dollars for some of Jammin...
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    Slingerland Avante kit. I can't tell if I love the finish or hate it ... so ...

    Nice set. I hear you about the color. I have a Avante set in larger sizes I found a few years ago and it is gloss Red. I was thinking to myself, why with all the beautiful Pearl's and Sparkles would someone order a solid Red wrap ? But it actually has kind of grown on me. Plus, I guess it was...
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    70s 'bowling ball' psychedelic red kit

    Those are really nice drums. I know everyone has their preferred set up, but I would mount that 14" next to the 16" on a low floor tom stand. 2 up 2 down. Would look more balanced. I realize not every one is used to or play 2 down. I did that with my Rogers set.
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    Refinishing my Late 70's Slingerlands! My progress thread...

    Fantastic !!! They look great !
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    What's the worst thing you have done to a drum set?

    Hold my beer.................................40 years ago I drilled extra holes on the batter side of a lug less 14"x22" Camco Bass Drum Shell so I could use some extra Ludwig Imperial bass drum lugs I had for a one headed drum. Whoops the first hole was wrong, so my friend drilled a third hole...
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    Refinishing my Late 70's Slingerlands! My progress thread...

    Outstanding project ! The inner tags are really a nice touch. Can't wait to see the Bass drum and the performance set up.
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    1966 Stewart