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    Beverley slotted tension rods exchangeable with standard size rods?

    I use a American nickel coin to tune my Beverly drums.
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    $50 bucks

    I like the Pioneer snare. Never run across a deep one though. Very nice find !
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    Thanks Bob, going to mic it up in the studio tomorrow and see how it records. Hopefully I will be able to perform on it live in the not too distant future.
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    . Yes, Transition badge on the floor tom. I have a 58 Gold Sparkle set with the transition badge on the bass drum.
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    The guy I got them from could not tell Me any history of them. They have yellowed some . The bass drum on one side in particular. Must have been sitting somewhere in the sun on that side. The shells and wrap are not beat or scratched up. If they were gigged they must have been in cases. The...
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    Oh well. If I decide I don't like it I can always remove it.
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    Slingerland Restoration Project

    Oh ok, you didn't mention it and I was just curious. They are looking awesome. I love these type projects. I like the idea of swapping out the spur mounts with those heavier duty spur mounts. I wonder if those Sam Bernard sells would fit?
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    Slingerland Restoration Project

    I hope your doing a light sanding between coats of poly. I refinished a natural wood set, and gave the shells a light sanding in between coats to even out the poly, and they shone like glass after the last coat and buffing. I did 4 coats.
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    Looking for opinions. I don't believe the original drums shipped with a bass drum logo. I ordered a nice WFL logo. Should I put the logo on or no ?
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    A drummer friend called me last week and said he had some old Ludwig shells he wasn't going to do anything with and asked me if I might be interested in them. He said he had intended to clean them up but didn't have the time. The floor tom has a transition badge and no date stamps were in the...
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    My new Slingerland Red Ripple Pearl set arrived today

    Very cool and beautiful wrap. Great sizes too !
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    Premier resonators

    I have a set of early resonators in polychromatic red. 24" 13" 14" 16". My toms had the inserts but the bass drum did not. I removed the inserts to strip and clean them and never put them back in. These drums without the inserts have tone and sustain like you would not believe. I have so many...
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    Just picked up my first WFL!

    Nice drum. I would just clean it up , put the less expensive throw on it some wires and see how it sounds . It will probably sound great, and no need to do anything to it.
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    1955-58 Buddy Rich Super Classic Set
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    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    I play a lot of jazz, also R&B, Classic Rock. I mostly use a 4 piece with 16" or 18" bass drum for jazz. Occasionally for the dance R&B gigs I will use a 5 piece with the two toms usually 10" and 12" on a stand facing directy to the front with the snare between them and 16" crash on the other...