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    Drum mic bundles —best sound for value

    Hi all, I’m looking at drum mic bundles and have narrowed down to Shure and Sennheiser.I considered Earthworks for a second, but it’s a little much for a beginner like me. Please let me know your thoughts on these: Shure...
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    Kennett Square PA—random question

    Hey all, does anyone live in or near this place?
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    Wanted: wood hoop Ayotte kit

    Preferably with a 20” kick. I’m in NJ. Thanks guys.
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    SOLD 24" Zildjian Z Heavy Power Ride

    Manhole cover :)
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    14 K Con top hat

    Thanks @lossforgain but I already have a set of 14 Special Dry hats
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    14 K Con top hat

    Thanks all
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    SOLD---Oriollo Radical 65 - Cast gray iron

    Nice. The hoops look like the old Tama bell brass design.
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    I agree. Zildjian Vintage A. Zildjian & Cie series. I had the 15” Crash at one point and it was quiet. Also recommend Turkish Cymbals Classic Series paper thin crashes. My favorite 15”crash. Hand hammered, so a little more nuanced.
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    Old school drum key, john grey — gone

    I have a couple inquiries. Thanks all
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    Old school drum key, john grey — gone

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    50s Avedis 20” (2185g) lower price

    Take 5
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    Zildjian K dry complex rides wanted

    One more thought. I just happened to get my hands on a nice 22 K Con Thin Overhammered (2270g). It sounds, to my ear, close to the Dry Complex V1 rides. But has more woody definition on the stick / fewer trash can-y qualities (but still, some nice trash when you slap it on the shoulder and the...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    nice ride trade with @JazzDrumGuy * * * * * Nice guy to boot V