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    OT: What's for dinner?

    Vegetarian stew, based on Oumph brand soy product. Kind of a Stoganoff meets Burgundy (loads of red wine), topped with some olive oil garlic bread. And a premiere taste of our homemade Milk Stout to make it complete.
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    Any info on vintage Premier kit?

    Now, those look awesome! Great drums, very good quality shells and chrome plating!! And pretty rare finish. Most undervalued vintage kits around. Moneywise, check British ebay for prices - they are really undervalued, even in This fine condition and rare finish, with matching snare and all...
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    Since I switched the drums out . . . New Q for Slingerland know-er-about-ers

    I think quite a lot of drummers had their toms on snare stands, Ian Paice was one of them, so were Jerry Nolan, Paul Cook and Charlie Watts. Great looking kits, btw!
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    What’s your best score?

    In the early 80's I used to buy Ludwig kits for $100-150, clean them and sell the kit for 100-150 and the supra for 100. If only I had kept them all... In later years: Premier Royal Ace 4x14 wood, for free. Engraved 70's BB for $500.
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    Would you buy an add on in a different finish?

    Well, I don't think I could... but then Ian Paice had a second blue oyster flour tom with his black oyster kit - so in that case, maybe I should make a Ian Paice tribute kit of my black oyster...
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    Black Oyster scan - anyone got one?

    Great pictures! Last time I got a hi-res (enough) jpg of mod orange, probably photographed of a peeled off wrap. I the repeated the pattern I Photoshop (or maybe Illustrator) to a "longer" file. I took it to my local printer friend who printed it on the same material used for striping(?) cars, a...
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    Favorite Gig

    Must be some of my later gigs, when I've reached the maturity to get relaxed enough to enjoy playing - probably one of my latest festival gigs, like Gutter Island Festival in Denmark. The gig, the place, the people. They even miked my gong! Rehearsing and recording is boring, imo... like...
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    Black Oyster scan - anyone got one?

    Hi! Some years ago I had the pleasure of getting a nice scan of Mod Orange sent to me from a forum member (thanx again!). I used it to make prints to cover a riot kit, the kits you use at cheap bars and other places where you don't want to use your finest gear. For a new project I wonder if...
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    Black Beauty snare drums

    I run a jazz festival since three years back (well, not this year, obviously) and my two BBs, one 70's engraved and one 89(90s non engraved, are always there. Last year a very well known drummer, who prefers wood snares, ended up using the 70s BB since "this one really sound good". I've used...
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    Using a crash as a ride

    I've been using a Paiste 602 20" Thin Crash as ride on occasions. Works fine as a crash/ride. Also been using a Paiste 2002 17" Wild Crash I once owned, in smaller settings. Worked ok.
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    Ludwig 80's anomaly - as usual...

    Maybe it doesn’t show in the small picture but it’s Monroe badges so my guess is 88-ish, but with classic tom holder. Thanx for the info on the lugs!
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    Ludwig 80's anomaly - as usual...

    Oh, they’re in Sweden from the besinning, Benny.
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    Noble & Cooley 14x7 Classic Maple

    Cool(ey) drum, Magnus! Grattis!!
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    Those Wonderful Vintage Italians

    A newly made espresso from my LaPavoni Europiccola and then a ride on my Vespa 50, 1975 (my main ride to work from April to October) - that's amore!
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    Those Wonderful Vintage Italians

    Did someone say Italian...? :)