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    Rogers spotting - odd setup

    That's what I meant, the Timbale Twin - but this one is more like a Ludwig Carioca or the Slingerland San Juan. Just wondering if the kit I posted is a cataloged kit... Thanx for showing the catalog prints!
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    Rogers spotting - odd setup

    Hi! Found this here in Sweden today, for sale on Swedish version of eBay. Odd configuration... like a twin timbale setup but without the twin... Is this a cataloged outfit? /L
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    Ghost pedal spotting

    Maybe this has been posted before, but I saw this yesterday... Ghost pedal to the metal
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    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    They sound amazing!
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    Help ID and ... price guide

    The Rogers in the picture is a Ramones kit!! Always wanted a Tommy Ramone kit!! /L
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    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    My main gigging kit with my band. Vintage stainless 22, 13, 16.
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    One head, multi-floor tom

    I think Max Roach played one of those... I've got one in acrylic, unfortunately without the pedal mechanism - but allt the holes in the shell are there as are the hinged top head lugs.
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    Finally scored a vintage Black Beauty!!!

    Happy for you!! /L
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    I received my dream snare drum yesterday... Just want to share it with you all...

    Great drum, John!! I actually saw one this Tuesday, at Hellstone Music in Stockholm. /L
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    My restored 1980 rosewood Slingerland 80N Buddy Rich kit

    Great looking kit! I got that catalog from my brother, after he had been in the USA for the summer. Spent hours drooling over the kits, and this I particular. And I'm a Ludwig guy!! /L
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    Another fantastic drum! Thanx for sharing! /L
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    My Latest Ludwig Project

    Yes!! Great looking drums!