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    OT: Anyone watching the Tour?

    This was an awesome tour this year.
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    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    All Shure mics SM 81 x (2) over heads SM BETA 57 Snare SM 57 FOR ALL MY TOMS BETA 52 bass drum
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    Where Ludwig Custom Drums are made, even the shells

    I've been to the Ludwig monroe factor many times,You can watch them make the shells etc. They do not make any metal anything, Just the shells.
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    Do you like your beater hard or soft?

    I use a Gibraltar hard felt beater.
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    1973 LM 402 ludwig. and a Slingerland 1976 6 1/2x14" Gene krupa Sound king.
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    First drum clinic you went to and how it affected you

    Roy Burns was my first drum clinic. I was a Jr high band student. then my 2nd was the Phenom Billy Cobhman.
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    Muffler ID

    Agreed not Slingerland.
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    Poll: Which standard sparkle finish on vintage drums is your favorite?

    I voted Red sparkle, But a very close 2nd is green sparkle.
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    Your opinion of NICKELBACK

    A continual play back loop of nickelback what a great torture device,! Oh wait that was the Fm radio back in the DAY.
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    Sweetwater Gearfest 2020

    Great stuff, Sweetwater is a great shop !!
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    Most Overrated Bands in Classic Rock

    Nickelback -Gawd awful !!! U2 Bon Jovi
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    First ROGERS reissue drum set demo (Maxwells)

    I like them. But they don't sound like Rogers. I've owned 3 Vintage Rogers kits basing it off of that experience. Still its good seeing the name back in a quality format. But how many Millennial buyers are going to spring for a set.?
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    Are you a Player or collector?

    Both, I use the vintage gear That I acquired . It's all collectors grade gear but I bought it to use not look at.
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    OT:The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band?

    Led Zeppelin !!!!