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    Does Rock’s Worst Singer Have “The Craziest Drummer”?

    My band was the opening act for Vince Neil (with the Slaughter members in support) during our State Fair in October, 2017. We were instructed to arrive at 3:30PM and do a sound-check at 5. During our check, Zoltan came out and watched -- when we were finished he walked over and introduced...
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    18” Floors

    Yep -- Gretsch USA -- 13/15/18/24
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    Post your setlist from your last gig

    Stephan, Juan, Jordan, Chris, & Pete. Jordan is a monster...............
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    AVH Drumming on “Jump” Solo

    Correct -- when I saw that tour, Alex was playing an acoustic snare, basses, and, of course, cymbals. All the toms were etoms and the basses sounded triggered as well.
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    Drum repair (finish)

    Philadelphia Drum Company can fix it.
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    Drum repair (finish)

    Next month, I will celebrate 42 years of gigging with my Gretsch USA Customs. My drums will never be as pretty as those Tama shells (but they sound better with age) -- I would think nothing of a scratch on a batter hoop.
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    Finally received my Renowns!

    You will love playing those............I promise.
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    Tommy(not the Who) Aldridge Playing

    His "smallest" tom looks to be a 12X15.
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    Ludwig classic maple kits

    Elvis is correct -- the OP is talking about the Ludwig Classic Maple series which was not available before 1998.
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    Post your setlist from your last gig

    We were hired at our State Fair to open for RATT last Fall -- below is our 45-minute set of rock covers................... The Song Remains The Same Machinehead Portrait Never Been Any Reason The Big Medley Learn To Fly Dancing Madly Backwards Tie Your Mother Down
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    Tommy(not the Who) Aldridge Playing

    One of my favorite "power" rock drummers. I'll never forget the TV broadcast of California Jam where I watched a self-taught young man from Mississippi perform an exceptionally kick-ass drum solo with BOA. My astonished gut-reaction was "how did that crappy band score a drummer like that ?" As...
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    How Many Beatles Tracks Did Sir Paul McCartney Play Drums On?

    Gretsch stop sign Jasper guy !
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    Gretsch "The One" snare videos

    Yes -- great videos for great marketing..............I had not seen those before, so thanks for posting. Mike Johnston chose the 6.5X14 bronze USA -- the same drum I bought about two years ago -- I have not played my other snares since. 20-lugger, new micro throw, and (of course) cast...
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    I'm going to gig my new Gretsch kit tonight for the first time.

    Cool. I'm leaving in 30 minutes to go set up my USA Customs for a private party -- we play 5pm until 8:30. I ordered my shells in 1977 and lost count of the gigs many years ago...…….they sound better with age. Have fun..............
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    Frank Zappa 73 tour band with Jean Luc Ponty, George Duke, Ralph Humphrey on drums.

    I saw that band and that 73 tour -- Arlington, Texas on the UTA campus. The entire concert was instrumental and unlike any other Zappa tour -- excellent.